Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Scandinavian Traveller: Likki the Trimmed Beaver - Chapter Three

Hubby mentioned that I should also post about Likki at home, it is after all part of the Scandinavian Adventure, so I've been watching her and actually caught her enjoying life in our little flat as well...

Here she is writing postcards, spreading her stuff all over our small dining table.  And look at all the stuff she has, tapes, crayons, stickers... looks like she might be doing this a lot!

Then I spotted her watching TV, as if she could understand anything, since most of the channels we get are either in Norwegian or in Swedish, but then again, maybe, like me, she's trying to learn the language... plus she's a remote hog, I tell you!

Plus she took a liking to the local beers it seems... that is something she has in common with the husband. I'm told they have decent Pilsner here, or so it seems... I wouldn't know, nor care to find out.

As long as I don't find her belly up in the living room, past out or something, I don't care.  But to be honest, come on, look at the size of that can, it's Viking size!  But I will give her this, she's classy and drinks her beer from a glass, not only is she a trimmed beaver, she's a classy one as well!

As I was ready to go to bed, I saw some light coming out of the living room and saw her looking through Bacefook... Maybe I should create her own account so she could post her pictures from this trip directly on, but then again, I'm already reporting her travels on here.

This will conclude today's chapter of Likki's Scandinavian Adventure, at home.  You must admit, she does keep busy despite how people may worry about her being bored or wasting time.  I'm not to concerned, she's an intelligent beaver, and she will find something to do.

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