Sunday, April 19, 2015

Scandinavian Traveller: Likki the Trimmed Beaver - Chapter Two

This week we headed more North-East to explore that area.  Unlike last week it wasn't raining, just cloudy.

Eventually (I hope) it will be sunny, it will be sunny, it will be sunny - this has become my mantra - but at least it wasn't raining.  That's an improvement I'd say.

This exploration was along road 834.  We followed the coast, heading towards some mountains.  The scenery was pretty, too bad it wasn't more clear, but still it was pretty.

One of the many waterfalls we've seen today

We made a little stop to check where we were (yeah, the husband is that way when he explores: he likes to know where he is), so I went out to look at the mountains and decided to take a few shots, and Likki did a photo bomb, the little bugger!

Further along the way, about 15 km from town, there was snow still in the fields (unlike in town, where there's no snow left) and even the little lakes here and there were still frozen... It made a beautiful picture, with a little fishing cabin in the back, really cute I'd say...

We kept going a little further, and drove by this beautiful lake and scenery, even despite the clouds, it looked like the sun was trying to peek out...

Likki, enjoying the little sun she can get.
Kept going, as Hubby wanted to reach the end of the road in Festvag.  And after twists and turns, and ups and downs we arrived at the end of the road.  It is the second time that we reach a road that doesn't go any further: once in Hawaii in Kauai and now here, expect that in Kauai there was no ferry bringing you anywhere it was the ocean and that's all.

In Festvag, there is a ferry bringing you somewhere else... don't know where (yet) but we might find out later in the season... We turned around and started to head home.  We took a turn along the road and decided to explore that way.  The views were really pretty, and even saw a few houses where they had hung fishes to dry, really native, no doubt we're in a fishing area of Norway...

Don't you think it's pretty?  Imagine when the sun will be out, it will be gorgeous I tell you!

Sun peaking through the clouds...
To me, this shot looks like when someone has an epiphany or something, when God graces us with his presence.  I could almost hear the angels signing in the background!  ... just kidding!

As we're slowly heading back for the center of Bodø, it started to drizzle a little.  Hubby mentioned that a coming car was flashing him.  A few minutes after we've past that car, this big guy was standing there, with a partner.  We had time to pull over and take a few shots.

Talk to the butt, tourist!
I know some people back home who would love to kiss that butt goodbye!  And that fine Norwegian moose closes Likki's Scandinavian Travel for this week.


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Looks fairly desolate. I imagine much of Norway is like that.