Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sweet Patootie!

I had hoped that coming here I would be losing some weight.  I had a feeling I wouldn't follow WW much.  Not because I didn't want to, but because it would be different food.  I was right.  Since we've been here we've eaten differently than we do at home.  For one we don't have as much vegetables, and we live right next to this fabulous bakery where they made these extremely delicious breads. I think I've fed myself on their raisin bread (with butter) for the first ten days.  It had the better of me. 

To add to my torment, not only do Norway has great breads, they also have good chocolates. My first taste of their chocolate was on the flight from Oslo to Bodø.  I had a little milk chocolate bar, and it was deliiiiicious!  I'm not a chocolate snob like my husband who only enjoys dark ones, I loooove chocolate.

Freia has really tasty goodies
They also have good cookies, with chocolate!  I know I could NOT buy any, and then not eat any, but then again who are we fooling here?  I'm too easily tempted. And I succumb even more easier when it comes to that smooth,
rich flavor, that sweetness which fills my mouth. 

During our grocery run yesterday I wanted some cookies to dip in my tea at night, and then I saw this cookie with chocolate that caught my eye because it was in French and its name.  I don't see my husband's name often on treats, so I had to get it!  Plus it does look good, no?


Michel et Augustin sont de Lyon, France

We've also been seeing this TV commercial where they advertise this "new" chocolate bar, Stratos, and each (yes, EACH!) time Hubby says, that's not new that's just like our Aero!  Yesterday I bought one, I will see for myself if it is just like our Aero...

I haven't tasted it yet (yet being the key word).  So, as you can see, my diet is going great!!

I will be coming back to Montréal, looking like my little Moomin... ah!

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Phil Plasma said...

Tomorrow you should go to the grocer and get a bag of frozen veg. When it is done, you should go back and get another.

Good luck!