Thursday, April 16, 2015

Things I've noticed thus far re. mat*...

Before coming here, I did have some concerns about the food I would find here, not that I'm a fussy eater but more because I'm not really a fish fan.  I thought they would eat a lot of fish, and maybe they do, but in almost three weeks I haven't seen many places where they offer fish.  I did find the fishmonger shop, not that I was looking for it anyway, but found it anyway.  Yeah, I'm a winner like that!

One of the few things I've noticed here is the weird restaurant combination they have in town: sushi-burger!  Yep, they offer sushi and burgers, because those two are like peas in a pod. Not and yet,   many restaurants have that written in their window.

Last night we went out and ended up at an Asian restaurant, or so they said.  They had sushi and one plate of duck, one of dim sum (which really didn't inspire me) and one of pork belly... We went for sushi and sashimi.  The restaurant's decor was pretty and the service was good (actually got to chat quite a bit with our waitress about Bodø and Norwegians in general) and I actually enjoyed my meal.

Sushi - Rolls @ Ohma

The husband had ordered some sashimi of salmon and halibut and he said both were very good, and fresh.  Since he was still hungry he decided to try some Tataki whale - he likes this raw shit - since we've seen whale advertised here and there in Bodø, we figured if not here then where?

Tataki Whale
 As you can see on the picture, it was served in some type of oil, flavored and something else that turned out to be heavy after a few bites, according to the |Mister, since I didn't try it.

While he was munching on his whale I had some chocolate cake. O.M.G.  I've had bad desert but this one took the cake!  When my plate arrived I think I was too surprised to even take a picture.  It had three little squares of cake not even an inch big, with a teaspoon of mandarin mouse on a crumble of dried chocolate type crackers, I'm telling you, it was bad. And I had made the mistake to order a cappuccino - also a first for me as it was so friggin' bad, no foam what's so ever...  1500,00 NOK later (which is about $236 CDA) with wine, we walked home not too impressed. Yes, Norway isn't cheap!

Another thing I've ate since here, that I'm still not sure how I feel about is some black licorice chocolate covered!  It's an interesting taste combo.  I bought a bag of misc. chocolates (their chocolate is actually very good) and from the pictures on the bag I could tell that it contained some milk, some dark and some caramel.  The first time I got a licorice one I was taken aback, a new taste sensation to say the least.  The jury  is still out on that one...

And lastly, in every grocery stores we've been in, they have a BIG wall of candies in bulk.  Lots of candies like we have (like gummy  bears, some sour type gummies, etc) and lots of different chocolates, nuts, etc.  They sure like their sweets those Norwegian folks...

*mat is food in Norwegian


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a whale of a time! Its probably time to start planning a solo side trip to Lyon, food capital of the world. No worries, you can probably bring back a doggy bag for the hubby.

Shawn + Nathalie

Phil Plasma said...

I'd probably try the fish as I tend to like most kinds of fish. I'm not a big fan of seafood, though, so the shrimp and lobster and the like I would pass on.

236$ for a meal... I'm guessing that isn't something you'll be doing every day.