Saturday, June 06, 2015


Since we've been here, I haven't really felt the distance as such, you know, that void where you feel cut out from the rest of the world, from your friends and relatives, that moment where you feel "away" and "far"... except earlier today. 

This afternoon, Hubby and I went for a nice long walk (of about 6 km),  a bite to eat and some shopping.  My phone needed to be charged, so when I saw a friend's message asking me if I was there, I simply answered I was eating.  When we got home, I checked my Bacefook account and saw her message asking me if I was there.  I then logged in to my email account to find an email from her, only a few lines in which she told me her youngest son had died.

As I'm typing this I still can't believe it.  I've tried to reach her by phone, by email and even Bacefook.  That is the first time, really, since we've been in Norway, that I've felt far.

I so much wish I could just reach over and give her that big hug she so desperately needs.  I wish I was there for my friend.  I wish there was something I could do for her, to alleviate a little bit of her pain.  I know there isn't anything I can do, not from here, nor even from home, except being there for her and give her all the hugs she wants and needs.

I wish I was there, with my friend and bring her some kind of comfort, tell her I love her and simply hold her hand.

It has been a difficult year thus far for her, and I can only hope she will get through this.

May he rest in peace, finally, and may she takes comfort in knowing he is resting.

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