Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Where did it all go?

Since we will be heading back home soon (which makes me sad, and yes even if it's cloudy every friggin' day here!), we started thinking about things we'd want to bring back with us.  Also, we've talked about those things we had to get here (like a toaster!) that we don't really want to bring back with us.
Little details to cover.  The joy of planning before and after making a move like we've made.  In a month from today we will be home.  The three months zoomed by relatively fast.  There were things I wanted to explore and do which I have not, due to how remote we are.  Overall, I'm quite happy with our stay abroad.  Being an expat hasn't been that bad!

Among the things I'll be bringing back, there will be postcards.  Coming here I had brought about twenty of them, in case they didn't have.  Yeah right!! 
Carterie in Grenoble
They don't have shops like I've seen in Grenoble, my heaven on earth, and yet, despite Hubby's expectations I didn't buy that many - especially compared to what I've bought thus far here.

Since we've been in Norway, I've sent out about 300 cards - yes, that is a lot.  I love to write and writing postcards is always fun.  At least for me.  It has allowed me to "see" the world, to meet new people, some of which I'm keeping in contact with, by letters and cards.  In Bodø most cards are about ''Arctic Norway", the typical touristic cards, which is fine and dandy, because I love sending and receiving those since they give you a fair idea of the area.  Coming here I was hoping to see more artistic cards, non-touristic if you will, since those are practically non-existent in Montréal.  We have lots of touristic ones, and some are pretty old image of town, but other than that, the postcards are not that present on Montréal's racks, sadly enough.  I have a few envelops waiting for me back home, full of cards I've ordered on line on different sites from Asia, Poland, Russia... plus some from exchanges.  I've sent a lot, but I'm also receiving a lot too.  As far as Postcrossing is concerned I chose to put my account to inactive (didn't feel like dealing with the address change for three months only and then after some cards might not get to me), so I couldn't receive any official cards, but I could send, and I did!  I've actually sent 72 officials cards, from Bodø and the area, including one of Montréal I had bought on our way here, at PET airport, and only 11 were "artistic" ones, i.e. non-touristic cards from those I've brought from home.  Whoa, that means that I've sent about 225 cards to friends and relatives. Having the friends I do (and I write I here, because I'm talking about my addiction), they made sure I wouldn't go cold turkey on my postcard addiction.  I've given my address to a few and started receiving cards.  Plus given that we were so far North I made contact with a few Norwegian (through Postcrossing) from different areas of the country asking them if they wanted to trade cards of their area with some of "mine".  The responses were good.  I'm even going to meet up with one of them in Oslo, on our way home.  She's been so kind and generous with not only the cards she's sent but with her explanations, I felt I had to meet her; and I will.
Cards received in Bodø, as of June 9, 2015
When the first card arrived, I put it away, then when a few others followed, Hubby suggested to display them.  Our walls were all white so I took him up on his offer, and look at how it looks now!  All the blue cards on the right, are those from Norway, all from different areas, and only two showing snow, one that I've sent myself from the Arctic Circle and one I've received today from the kid who slept over for a weekend.  The two Québécois see and show the snow, ah!  As you may be able to see, there are lots of different types of cards, not all are touristic, and many are cats related - wonder why! ;-)

On another note, I don't know about you, but I really enjoy Bugles, you know those little can't eat just one cones/chips like?  A few weeks ago a little girl was passing around some treats to try at the Big Coop where we go for our main grocery.  They have items which stores around here (read as in walking distance, like across the street, since everything is walking distance in Bodø), don't carry.  It's like a big Wal-Mart in a way, mixed with a Canadian Tire and Reno Depot.  Anyway, that kid had this sampler that I tasted and enjoyed.  It tasted like Bugles wrapped in chocolate.  I didn't see the name, bag or anything that would tell me what it was, the kid didn't understand English or was super shy because I couldn't get any information our of her.  Since then I've been on the lookout, you know, in case I'd see something like that.

Yesterday while doing our grocery run, I saw this bag of goodies.

Darn, these babies are good!  Too good for my own good! Really.  Salt and chocolate, you can't go wrong, right? Right!  Glad you agree with me!  Wonder how bad traveling to Canada would affect those babies?  Of the things I, uh, we'll bring back from Nordland, I don't think these will be among the pile...  So better enjoy them here, while I can!

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