Thursday, June 25, 2015

Many postcards later...

A month before coming to Norway I put my Postcrossing account to inactive, I had four hundred eight cards received and sent at the time.  Being set to inactive allowed me to send postcards but I couldn't receive any.  I didn't want to chance any getting lost between Norway and Canada, so I went that way.  It wasn't easy.   I know I'm addicted, what can I say, it could be to worst things, right?

As of today, eighty-five official cards were received/registered since I've been in Norway.  Yes, I've been sending lots.  According to my Flickr album, I've sent (as of today) one hundred thirty six cards.  That includes officials (for Postcrossing), RAS (Random Act of Smileness for fellow Postcrossers) and personal (for friends and relatives).

Since we've been here (March 30th) I did give our address to some friends who asked for it and some postcards friends.  Because Bodø is so far North, when I thought I could maybe "explore" outside of Bodø - I didn't know at the time that Oslo was actually thirteen + hours drive - I wouldn't be seeing that much of Norway. So, I've contacted, through Postcrossing, members in Norway.  I wanted to visit Norway through postcards.  A few of them answered and we started swapping cards since most of them were from Southern Norway.  They wanted cards from Arctic Norway in exchange for the cards of their areas. Fifty-four cards later, through current and vintage cards, I've seen Norway.  Along the way I've also made friends, and that is priceless.

Norwegian cards received
Because of very thoughtful friends, cards from all over the world started coming in, eighty-nine of them to be exact. 
Worldwide cards received
It was Hubby's idea to put them on display when they started coming in.  I took him up on his offer and started covering a wall on our living area.  It not only brought colors to our room, it also brought smiles to our faces.  The power of postcards.

All the cards received...
Today, after being inactive for many months, I've made my Postcrossing profile active again.  Here's to hoping I will have at least one or two official cards waiting for me when I will get back home.  I already know there are lots of other awaiting my return, as well as some goods...  Until then, I will most likely will write a few more cards here and there...

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