Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Scandinavian Traveller: Likki the Trimmed Beaver - Chapter Eight

A while back, looking at a local magazine, I saw excursions being advertised leaving from Bodø, most were by boats (cruise like excursion, those were not for me), but one was on land to a glacier. Said glacier outing was a whole day adventure, and was quite pricey (no big surprise there, we are in Norway after all!). Hubby looked it up on the Google and thought we could make it.

Sunday was a nice day for a drive, so we headed South (yep, the glacier is SOUTH of where we've been for the past thirteen weeks! crazy!). Part of the way we had been to, like Saltstraumen but then continued on in a direction we hadn't been towards yet. Every time we go out and the sun is out I can't get over how different everything looks. The sky is so blue, which is, according to Wikiman (read Hubby), due to being at a higher latitude or closer to the Pole.  The water is so clear, I've seen water that clear before down in the Caribbeans, every time it gets me. It is so pretty.

The first stop we've made, not long after Saltstraumen, was on a geology trail, where traces of the Ice Age were marked.  We didn't follow that trail, we just stop to test the water, which was friggin' cold!


We kept going on road 17 - which I just found out is a County Road - lots of road. We did roughly over 300 km in six to seven hours including detours, stops here and there.

Nothing but blues and greens and the further we drove, the more snow we would see in the mountains.

We took a little detour off road 17, to route 838 to see if there was anything left over from a local market, on Saturday, Hubby had been told about by a local, in Inndyr

Inndyr, in the Gildeskål Kommune
We (read I) had a bite to eat - a delicious white cake, super moist, and a coffee before continuing on our way, at the one hotel/restaurant in the village.

The scenery was beautiful, following the coast, so seeing different fjords, the sea, forest and farms.  We also saw many cyclists, a little buggy being pulled by a pony and some reindeer on our way back.

in Ørnes
As we were heading closer to the glacier, we went through a series of tunnels - I like their tunnels here, I don't feel like some chunks is about to fall off, imagine that! - one of which, the Svartistunnelen, is eight kilometers long.

It was quite the drive.  We didn't quite make it to the location where the tour was starting to get to a ferry to access the glacier, but after that much time on road, the Svartisen Glacier was (we think) what we were seeing and figured it would be as close as we were getting that day.  We turned around and headed back towards Bodø.  We had to go back the same way we came.  The view was just as nice.

Later that night, since we had a somewhat clear sky, we made our way to a local lookout and caught the Midnight Sun.  That is a sight for sore eyes...  Despite the sun shinning, the wind was/is still cold.  You can feel the warmth of the sun, but the wind's bite takes over.  No matter what, let's just say we weren't the only one out past midnight to look at this beautiful view.  That is one thing I'm truly happy to have seen and experienced myself...
Midnight Sun over Landegode
Talk about a way to close one pretty good day...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting pictures of open roads... Montreal literally has none of these this summer, so it isn't actually possible to get anywhere without taking the OKA ferry. I tried (today) to drive between old montreal and verdun following the detour signs on notre dame street, and ended up stopping for a beer in Ottawa.

Are you sure you want to come back? If so, suggest you try the metro. 😣