Sunday, June 21, 2015

Souvenir as in not forgetting

Our Norwegian adventure will be coming to an end soon.  I will miss this place, the being away, the being unknown and the not knowing anyone as well.  I like this anonymity, not having to put on a brave or a smiling face on because someone you know might see you.  It's easy to keep to oneself when you don't really know anyone.  And that is the one main thing I did enjoy during our time here.

If there would have been more sunny days, our stay here would have been great.  Yes it was cold, and windy almost all of the time, but the cloudiness of the place did get to me.  I need to see the sun, and blue sky, not just gray and clouds.

We did see things we wouldn't have back home, experienced a few Norwegian things.  We did explore on weekends, took nice (long) drives, and this despite the rain. The one thing that I'm really happy to have seen is the Midnight Sun.  It is really strange to actually have to wear sunglasses at midnight.  The other night driving back from a view point, where we could see Landegode, a big island off the coast and behind it some part of Lofoten, I thought it was strange that the town was so quiet, when Hubby reminded me it was past midnight, on a week night...  It is strange to look out at any time and there's light, we can no longer tell time by looking out, we need a watch.

Overlooking Bodø
You must admit, it looks pretty darn good.  One day, an air traffic controller invited Hubby and me to accompany him to his cottage on an island near by.  We had to take a ferry for about 10-15 minutes.  It was worth it.  The place is really more "country", the scenery was also gorgeous. I got to see stockfish up close.

Kjerringøy used to be a fishermen trading post
The island was beautiful.  So peaceful.  Whenever we've traveled to an island,we've brought back a picture of the place, something that reminded us of our trip.  There was a little art shop not far from here that had some interesting pieces, and some of it looked like things we've seen.  Today we went in.  We looked around and there was one artist that we both liked.  We went for fikka (coffee and something to eat), talked about it, and went back to get this cutie... that is so Norwegian.

by Lars Erik Karlsen
I love it! Whenever I will look at it, it will remind me of our time in Bodø, in Norway.  That and all the pictures I've taken during our drives around Bodø.


Anonymous said...

Hurry home!
We have sun and heat and some smoking bbq too.


Phil Plasma said...

A bittersweet departure, I am sure, but you are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to live a different life for these few months.