Friday, July 03, 2015

Closing a chapter

In order to close the Bodø Chapter of our Norwegian Adventure, things are happening and one can't help and wonder if this is the Universe showing us, it is time for us to go back home...
  •  Monday morning I was awaken by the fire alarm.  Not the best way to wake up and start the day, but then I made my way to the Bakeri and had enjoyed a good cappuccino.  Turns out our idiots neighbor above us, the noisy ones, burned bacon and smoked up their place.  It took a while for the firemen to come and turn off the alarm.
  • Monday night, despite the friggin' cold wind, was a clear night so I made my way to the lookout point to see the Midnight Sun.  The sky was so clear, it was gorgeous!  On the opposite side, the moon was overlooking the snow covered mountains and city...

  • Tuesday morning, I was abruptly woken, again, by a man coming in our flat, as I was sleeping, naked, on our bed.  He just unlocked the door and walked in, his arms full.  When I said "Hey!", he turned around mumbled something in Norwegian and walked out! WTF!

  • Wednesday, I brought back a book at the library, for the last time in Bodø.  I'm happy I've renewed my interest to that place.  Maybe now that contact has been re-established I will go to the one near home, in Montréal. I haven't even step a foot in since they opened it, and I'm told it's a nice one...
  • Last night, since I couldn't sleep (the rain was quite loud), I got back up and went through all my Bacefook "friends" and clean up house.  That felt strangely good.

  • What better way to close this chapter of our lives, than do it in the rain!  It's been raining for the past two days, in Bodø.  Why change now, when it's been shitty weather most of our time here?  From hard rain to tiny drizzle, but no matter what it's wet.  And this after I've packed my rain boots, grrr.
  • Went to the post office, one last time, and on my way back stopped for my Take-Away moca. I did manage, through their loyalty take-away card, get a free pastry and today a free coffee, yay me, never even done that back home!
  • Did all our laundry, every is on the rack drying, and that closes another load for Bodø.
  • Tonight, a first, having dinner with locals - air traffic controllers - what an evening out.

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