Monday, July 20, 2015

Scandinavian Traveller: Likki the Trimmed Beaver - Chapter Ten, The Final One.

As I write this today, ten days after returning home, after a few days visiting Oslo, sitting in our living room, watching a movie, and after running errands part of the afternoon in hot and humid Montréal, we are back!

Before I get into how it has been since our return, I will share our last few days in Oslo.  Unlike Bodø, the weather was warmer and sunny!  We were able to wear shorts!  We walked around town, explore some.  We visited the Nobel Peace Center.  It's an interesting place, dedicated to peace.  Their main event was about children's rights with Malala and Kailash.  It was quite interesting even if their was a lot of reading to be done.  They also have a boutique, where they sold lots of postcards, and I did get a bunch, mostly famous quotes from Peace Nobel Winners.  Then after a refreshment, we made our way to Akerhus Fortress, where we had a nice view over the port and the city.

View from Akerhus Fortress
Akerkus Fortress
It was quite a large fortress and you could see why its location was so important.  Even if we didn't take the tour, walking around by ourselves on the grounds it was quite impressive.  

Not far from our hotel area, I spotted this little bookstore which had some postcards, or so I thought.  Turned out they had many artistic ones, very different from anything I could find in Bodø, so I bought lots. 

I had contacted J. a while back, asking her if she wanted to meet me when we would be back in Oslo.  She send us so many postcards from Norway, showing us different areas of their beautiful country, with explanations, I felt I just had to meet her.  And we did.  Likki got to send a few cards with her, which was nice.  We had planned a two hours meeting with her, and it lasted well over six.  We talked about so many things, such an interesting encounter and warm lady.

 J. and Likki, in Oslo

Our hotel had a nice lounge we could access anytime, where they served (Nespresso) coffee or tea and fizzy water.  After 6pm they also served dinner, which was also included in our room's price.We went twice but only ate there once.  It was actually a decent meal.  Because it was warm and humid, one afternoon we went up to enjoy a cold drink and since it was completely empty, I took some pictures of the view we had from there.  On one side we had the Palace and the other the North.

View from 8th floor lounge of our hotel towards the Palace
Overlooking Kristian Augusts gate
One evening we had made reservation at a little Italian restaurant, Ruffino, which we had tried to get in back in May with our friends, so we walked to it.  Along the way we passed this impressively nice building which had a little plate on its side, in Norwegian, of course, that I could read had something to do with the Gestapo back in 1942.  We had a delicious dinner at the restaurant, a nice way to end our few extra days in Oslo.

Victoria Terrace, the site of the Gestapo headquarters in Oslo. 
The morning of our departure, the street was mostly deserted.  As we walked towards the train station, we passed the university and I managed to quickly take a picture.

Oslo University, on Karl Johans gate
On the train, Flytoget, Likki made friend with a local, a little Norwegian moose, who was heading our way.  Lucky little fellow.

Once at the airport, we recuperated the rest of our luggage and made our way to check-in, security and duty free through which we simply walked through not even stopping anywhere.  We didn't even have time to get our tax reimbursement, since, once again, the line at check in was too long, and since we had a connection in Heathrow to Canada we couldn't use the automatic check-in machine, but had to go to the counter and see a person, which meant we had to do the queue.

Heathrow is a beautiful and big airport and we had over four hours there before our next flight.  We , hit duty free, grab a bite to eat and did some shopping while walking around.  We looked for a quiet place where we could get refreshed and rest a little before our long flight home.

A tea with some biscuits, please.
If not in London, where else would one truly enjoy a good cup of tea?  She knows her stuff that Likki, despite her your life, she knows!  It was strange, at the gate, hearing not only French, but Québécois and to see people with Montréal's Canadiens tee-shirts.  A fair sign we were heading home...
Last gate before heading home...
Our return home is done.  Our adventure in Vikingland is done.  We are now back to Montréal's never ending road construction, traffic and fast pace.  It was an experience of a lifetime, to be able to do so without the worries of what would await us upon our return. And this closes Likki's Scandinavian Adventure.

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