Saturday, July 25, 2015

Oh Great! Welcome Home, Sucker!

We've been back for two weeks.  We've caught up with some friends. Enjoyed some food we hadn't had during our time away. I will admit it is nice to be back in our crap, even if it's dusty and all.  Our sofa is comfortable and well padded, we have more than four of everything as far as dishes are concerned, and despite what everyone has been complaining about, it's warm here. 

One thing we did not have while we were away is dim sum or any Asian food for that matter. 
This morning, being a nice sunny day, we decided to walk to Chinatown and go for dim sum.  Like every friggin' summer (and winter for that matter!) it is humid in town. 

We made our way, slowly, chatting along the way, when whack I felt this sharp pain in my left foot, and fought hard to remain standing.  Turns out I've twisted my left foot on a fucking crack in the sidewalk!

We've kept walking to the restaurant we had planned to go to, but it's no longer in business.  It's been there for years but I guess it did close during our three months away.  The pain was bad, this throbbing was increasing with each step.  Once we made it to St-Laurent Blvd. I told Hubby I was taking a cab home.  Naturally there was none to be seen!  We then walked towards René-Lévesque and again not one cab in sight, so Hubby decided to go home to get the car.  While he walked home, I limped my way to the corner of St-Laurent and St-Antoine and waited for him to pick me up.  I've watched people.  There were many.  Of all styles.  I (normally) love people watching, it's so interesting.  I saw a few brides making their way to the Court House, many tourists, even gave directions to a few, and many Asian families.  They travel in packs.  And they don't travel light. 

When we got home, I took out the ice pack and put my foot on ice.  Man oh man, that is not pleasant. We had a 50th birthday party tonight, a long time friend of Hubby who's in town with his family, but between the pain and having to ice my foot, we decided to stay home.  Sucks!  Oh well. 

Montréal's streets are not only full of pot holes and under construction but the sidewalks are just as bad.  It's infuriating not being able to do anything, not even worth a complaint, it's sad.  We pay more taxes yearly and it feels and looks like the services we are getting is decreasing.  To drive around time is an adventure daily.  New holes pop up like flowers in a bed of flowers.  And let's not forget the orange cones.  They also pop up everywhere.  This city has so many construction sites going, it's crazy.  We can't estimate how long it will take to get somewhere as we can and most likely will be surprised by either a construction site, some traffic or deviation that will make a simple drive turn into a nightmarish adventure.

As I sit here, my foot on ice, once again, am feeling this was Montréal's way of welcoming me home...


Seeker said...

Oh dear, not a very good welcome home! I hope the pain reduces very soon!

By the way, I enjoyed reading about your travels when you were away. xx

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Hope the ankle/foot is better today.

Be glad you weren't detoured on to the Oka ferry; I keep ending up there.


Rick Tetrault said...

Maybe the sidewalk was just trying to give you a welcome home hug? ;-) Hope you're recovering well.