Sunday, September 13, 2015

Patience, Pain, Hobby, Business etc.

On the condo front, the guy for our cabinet finally came to estimate the damages.  The insurance appraiser will be coming by on Tuesday.  They are so disorganize it's a little scary actually.  Was contacted on Friday by a man who also claimed to be an appraiser from the insurance company.  Turns out the insurance company seems to send out many request to different appraisers at one time.  First one who answers gets the job, it seems.  Scary.  Good thing I'm on top of things.

On the foot front, it does feel better even without a cast or anything.  My quack did send me a copy of the radiologist confirming the 5th metatarsal broken and not displaced, with a referral to an orthopedist.  I've been trying to avoid walking too much, thanks to Hubby's great help and many extra steps.

On the Postcrossing front, I'm still sending and receiving daily.  Yep, I'm addicted.  Saturday, I drove to Gatineau for a small meet up.  We were five, and four of us were from Montréal.  It was a crappy drive since it rained all the way there and back, but the meet was fun!  I gave a ride to another girl, and we talked all the way.  It was a chatty ride to say the least!

I personally sent twenty two cards.  And actually did manage to use my new personalized signature stamp.  The signature is pretty small actually which will be perfect for big meets.  Yesterday was a mini meet, and my sig looked small, but it was better than the first one I had which turned out bigger than anything I could sign myself.

Anyway, we did manage to prepare (i.e. addressed, stamped and signed) eighty-two cards among the five of us.  Not too bad.  It was a fun afternoon, spent with funny ladies in a cute little café.

Here's the stack of cards ready to be dropped at the post office.  It was my first time in the cozy little town.  We made it to a postal counter not far from where was the meet, and took the traditional pictures of dropping the cards in the mail box.  They had a rack of pre-stamped postcards with the zodiac signs and other cards we hadn't seen before, so like vultures, or rather a seagull on a fry as my drive partner said, we attacked that rack especially when the clerk informed me the cards were 75% off, so instead of $2.50 they were selling those cards at $0.62 each.  We cleared their rack!

Speaking of rack, it reminds me that I've been toying with this idea of opening a little shop and things are starting to shape up... I'm trying not to get too excited, and won't go into details just yet, but I'm working on its realization and things are heading in a good direction.  Slowly, but surely...

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