Friday, September 04, 2015


Not much happened since I last posted here... The insurance haven't been by yet, waiting for the Syndic to submit their estimation before sending their appraisal person. 

Wednesday, I finally went to see our quack because my left foot still hurts.  I thought I might have broke something,  it wasn't just a bad sprained since when I walked for a while I felt like something was doing the split in my foot.  Talking with the quack, he said that where it hurts there isn't much muscle and from touching it he thought I could have a fracture so he wrote me a script for some x-rays.  Yesterday, I went for x-rays and he was right, the fifth metatarsal is broken and looks a lot like this...

... except that I don't have a cast on or anything... I called the quack's office today asking if they did get the results of my x-rays, which I have on CD for $10, and they did but, big surprise, the quack wasn't in today...  The receptionist suggested after looking at my file, not to walk on it too much.  Geez, Louise, really?

So, like I said, not much happening here...

* Same Shit Different Day


Anon said...

You should go to the emergency room. After walking on that for the last month, it's going to need a surgical pin to heal properly.

Best of luck.


Unknown said...

I have a fifth metatarsal fracture similar to that picture. It isn't healing. It's been 3 months. I wore a splint, then a hard sole shoe, then a boot and finally a cast. Got that yesterday. What did they decide to do with your foot?


Stinky paw said...

They didn't do anything with my foot... but it feels like it's healing good!