Monday, October 12, 2015

Hoping and hopefully...

Nineteen days since I last came by here, and to be honest not much as changed.  The work has not begun in our condo yet, some issues with the kitchen estimation. The insurance company sent their guy to re-appraise the work to be done earlier last week.  I'm hoping to hear from them soon.

Our moron of a neighbor didn't provide a written confirmation that his unit is working correctly and that the issue which caused the damages has been resolved correctly.  We had to get a lawyer involved, and mandate a professional consultant to confirm everything.  Hopefully that guy will come by this week.

When the cabinet guy came by last week, I did ask him about how we would proceed if we were to do some upgrades, like changing our counter top.  While he was measuring and examining our cabinet he did mention a possible problem we might have with doing so.  Our current top is shaped and set a certain way and replacing it might not be as easy task.  We will have to see a professional and make sure it can be done... I'm hoping it will be a possible project, since it would be a superb upgrade in our place.

We went to see our jeweler and he showed us the new rock that will be on/in my new ring, which he had a wax mold of.  It will be quite a change from the ring I had for fifteen years.  Hopefully it will be even better in gold and meets all my expectations.

My postcard online shop is up and running.  I've made three sales this far.  It would be a lie to say I'm not disappointed.  I'm waiting for a few more new designs from the printer, which will broaden the types of cards I offer.  I've also created another few, but haven't sent them to the printer yet.  I'm hoping to sell some at the Québec meet on Saturday.

I've organized a Postcrossing meet in Québec city.  I was planing to drive there with Hubby, but he mentioned not being too hot about spending time alone while I was at the meet up, so I've asked a member if she wanted to share my room.  I didn't want to drive there alone and turns out that I will be driving there with two women, so it all worked out.  At the moment we are about ten postcards addicts attending, should be interesting.  Hopefully it will be a nice day, hate to drive in the rain.

As you can read, these days I'm going on hopes... hopefully it will all work out... one can hope, right?

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