Saturday, October 31, 2015

Little recap

It's been a few weeks since I last was here, so let me bring you up to speed in the Challenging Life of Stinkypaw!

  1. Re. Condo:  Nothing yet has been done, BUT we now have a start date!  Woohoo!
  2. The expert in HVAC came and within the first five minutes he looked at the unit, he found the issue.  It was missing a little cap. $30K worth of damage for a little cap that cost $1.15, imagine that!
  3. Because of all the delays and little fights we've had to deal with, Hubby decided that he doesn't want to do any upgrade anymore.  Boohoo!
  4. I got my new wedding ring last week.  It's huuuuuge.  It turned out great.

    from idea to wax to a beautiful new shinny ring!
  5. In a month of business I did manage to sell two hundreds cards!  Crazy, and since I haven't sold any...I have a feeling I won't become a millionaire with that...
  6. The Québec Meet Up was a success.  It was a bad drive.  It snowed all the way there, so it took me longer than anticipated to get to Québec. Good thing Hubby had changed the tires on our car the night before.

    Other than that I feel like we're both about to crack... we manage to do our things, Hubby goes to work, but he's running on a very thin sheet of ice.  He could slip at any time... His fuse is getting shorter by the day, which is not a real good thing.    We have to be moved out by Saturday next week.  If everything goes well (yeah, right) the work on this place should be done within three weeks.   Time will tell...

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Anon said...

Homeless for three weeks? That blows. I guess the renovations must be fairly extensive, as was the water damage. Well, at least it's almost over.