Monday, January 11, 2016

One Down, Poke and Gemma

I can't believe that we are already the 11th of the month and that one full week of 2016 has gone by already.  What a week that was! 

We ended 2015 being quite busy, with our move back to our place, with work and with life in general.  The past week was quite the week.  We had meetings every other night.  We meet with potential new managers for our condo association, and in doing so, we all came to the realization that the one we currently have sucks.  It is hard to see that for the past eight years we've been taken for a ride and didn't even realize it.  I had to become an administrator on our condo association to see that things weren't right.  Since September I've been doing a lot, for the condo association, which I thought were my duties as an admin.  Turns out, I've been doing too much and most of it should have been done by the manager.  Let's just say it was an eye opening week. 

We also decided to put our place up for sale.  Yep, Hubby is royally fed up of it all, so we met with a real estate agent and signed a sale contract.  Let's hope everything goes as smooth as it did for us when we sold our house in Rockbottoms.  The market isn't the best, especially not for condominiums but we have to get out of here.  It actually saddens me a little, since I really enjoy our location.  We are so close to everything, but at the same time, condo life and all its problems isn't really for us.  We will see where that move will lead us...

Like Hubby often says, we poked the Universe, let's see if it makes sense or if it's dangerous...

The weather has been so strange, it's almost scary.  Some days feel like Spring, mild and rainy and then the following day we hit -10 degree Celsius, so much variation from one day to the next.

I've already broke my "resolution" to try to participate less in games re. postcards.  I did send less, but still sent.  It's almost as bad as for chocolate, no will power when it comes to postcards!  I am weak!

I haven't let go of the group just yet... I have to step away, or step down, whatever it is... it's not easy... I enjoy it despite episodes here and there.  I think about it daily, so it will happen.

Today I did a little test/quiz to know which Sons on Anarchy Character I most resemble and oh big surprise, I'm Gemma!  "You are ruthless, and sometimes considered heartless. You will do WHATEVER it takes to protect the ones you love. You have no filter and say whatever comes to your mind, which will most likely cause problems for you, but you can handle your own!" ah!  go figure!
I will admit, the no filter and say whatever comes to mind is true, and like Gemma I can handle my own!

Let's see what the future hold and please send good vibes our way so that we sell this place!


Phil Plasma said...

Good luck with the sale - do you have any idea where you would go? To another condo? To a house somewhere? To a different city, province or country?

Stinky paw said...

Phil Plasma: Thank you! We have no idea where to after. The only thing we do know is that it will NOT be into another condo. We're keeping our options open for now! ;-)