Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two Down, One Thorn and Shit

Week Two almost completed, and what another week that was too!  The sign went up, the pictures of our place were taken and we had our first visit as well.  Tomorrow will be our Open House.
Things are moving.  Fast.

Because of all the preparation I did to get our place ready for showings, I've been getting rid of stuff as well.  Storage for some, charity for others and garbage too at times.  I don't remember seeing my desk or our place, for that matter,  this empty.  It's nice. 

In other news, our current condo manager has finally agreed to the terms we had proposed, after many back and forth.  Yay!  That is one thorn out... now if we could get rid of the other one... that would be heavenly!  Really! 

I hate to admit it, and even more to live it, but because of one moron our life in general, but mostly our emotional health and patience are (or at least do feel like they are, at times) on thin ice.  Despite my efforts not to get it all get to me, and trying to remain calm and all, there are moments when I feel that if I was to let go the tiniest bit, everything would spin out of control and that would be bad; not only for me but for us (as in Hubby and moi).  Through all the years we've been together, these past few months (since August) had been the roughest.  In twenty-two years (next week, actually!) together, I don't think in our worst (when dealing with his crazy mother) we rocked the boat as much as we have lately.  I hate it.  I hate not having my husband "there" or seeing so pissed off all the time.  All of this because of one dumb ass.

I've been trying to let go, to drop the anger and (try) to remain calm, but man oh man, it's not easy when constantly poked or nagged.  Those are the days when I miss my dojo time.  Actually I should write, those are the days I miss the kumite days.  Not easy having to assume the calm role when in fact my fuse is so fucking short I feel like I could explode at any time, and sometimes I do (I feel for that poor girl of Fido who got an earful this week, and she did not hang up on me, to my surprise!).  Yep, if I was a bird I would so know who I'd shit on, it's not even a question.

Please, do keep sending those good vibes!

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