Sunday, March 06, 2016

Week Ten: Moved, Cleaned, Deposed, Served, etc.

Part one of the move is done!  Yay!  On a really crappy weather day (freezing rain, ice, windy and cold), we moved out of our condo.  We have too much stuff, no joke!  They filled out the truck and had to go unload and come back to finish off the loading.  It took them seven hours, at 3 men.  After I've washed the floor, we meet up with the new owners for a last tour, handed them the keys and that closed a chapter of our lives.

Our temporary apartment is finally acceptable.  The place wasn't just dirty, it was fuckin' filthy!  The counter and cupboards were sticky to the touch that's how bad it was!  After my first visit, with the friend who suggested her friend's place, when she asked what I thought of the place, I had told her it was dirty.  I had no clue it was that dirty.  When I came back with Hubby, to have a tour of the place and get the instructions for the heating system, regarding her tenants, the garage, etc.  Hubby also noticed the place wasn't spick 'n span, but it would do.  The price was right.  We are paying fifty dollars/day instead of one hundred thirty/day for a furnished (electricity, heating, internet, etc. included) apartment, with a garage.  It is not new, and there are some irritants but overall it's not too bad.  The cleaning I did in Bodø was nothing compare to what I did here.  In Bodø, the worst of the place was its smell (leftover from previous tenants who were smokers).  Here, it just was dirty.  Let's just say that when we will leave, the owner will come back to a fresh cleaned place, an early Spring Cleaning!

Since week one things have been moving fast.  We've done things to adapt to the speed of it all.  Despite being in boxes, and running around we managed to do our duties as administrators of our condo association, meet with the new administrators, get the banking in order, and deal with troublesome co-owners.  Thursday night we had a meeting with said administrators.  Like every time we've met this far, it always takes about +two hours.  This time, we weren't hosting it and drove to Laval.  At the end of it, the administrators showed us a document they had received - some of the co-owners of our condo association want us off, not just us (Hubby and I) but all three of us.  I was a bit surprised at first, and then laughed it out.  The other admin took it personal.  She's been on for over two years, and to be deposed like this, hurt her.  I've tried contacting one of the person who did sign the document (upon suggestion of the administrators) to find out the reasons why (which I'm sure is related to the upcoming changes in the condo fees), but I haven't heard anything back.  I will say this, if they do want me out, I will gladly leave, and be done with that.  I wanted to finish my mandate, until September, but thinking about it, I think I want out and really close that chapter.

Friday afternoon I was surprised by a knock at the front door.  There stood a man who handed me a subpoena!  I now have to go, as a witness, to a local court for a case between the tenants and the owner of the condo above our "old" place!  Just when I thought I was about to be done with that place, I'm being dragged right back in!

This afternoon we had lunch with the FIL.  It was a combo of late birthday lunch for Hubby, catching up about the sale of our condo and move to the apartment and some news he wanted to inform us about.

Turns out he will be going for surgery within two weeks, for colon cancer. Just like his wife... wonder if it has something to do with how they fed themselves?  I find it reassuring that Hubby has gone for colonoscopy already and will keep doing so giving his genetics history.

Damn cancer, it's everywhere!

And how about you, is life treating you good?  It is is, enjoy it!  Fully!  'Cause we never know what it has in store for us, that is for darn sure! As I've been telling Hubby, can't wait for the month of May!  Maybe by then, things will calm down some, and we will be able to relax and not constantly run to, for or from something!

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Anonymous said...

My goodness. You do seem to have a lot on your plate. I do hope you can soon close the door on some of this unpleasantness. I hope your FIL's treatment goes well. Over here, I am well but recently heard of three friends illness, one has kidney failure, another had to do a heart bypass and a third has terminal cancer.