Monday, February 22, 2016

Soon to be on the road again...

Would you look at Likki getting ready for another road trip... Granted this one will not be as grand as the Norway one, but it will be new surroundings for sure!

She almost got packed away with office supplies, but I managed to get her out just in time not to be taped in a box for a few months.

While packing boxes (again), I came to realize this upcoming move will be the most I've ever packed in all of my life!

1- I've packed for our three months move to Norway - cleaned up the place before unpacking
2- I've packed after our water damage and for our temporary move to an apartment while our place was being fixed - which I also cleaned up before moving in
3- I've unpacked after our move back to our place and I also had to clean up before we moved back!
4- I've been packing for our upcoming move, and since this is a "temporary" move until our new place will be ready, I will have to clean (again!) the place we will be moving to for a few months...
5- Once our (new) place will be ready, by mid-April (hopefully!) I will have to pack again, from the apartment to our new place and then settled in for good (I pray it will be, for good!)

I didn't think I was a neat freak but I`m realizing that I may not have the same standards of cleanliness as others, so rather put it up to our levels, with all it involves!

To add to this pack/unpack fun game, we had also planned a week away in April (to go see Rod Stewart in concert in Vegas  -  can't wait for that!!) so I have to keep that in mind while I throw my clothes away in a box - I might want to dress up while in Sin City, since if not there, where?

So many things to do, to undo, to think about, hours of fun! I tell you!

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