Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Hello peeps,

Returning home after two wonderful weeks in the sun, was rough to say the least.  The weather here sucks!  No kidding, it's been a freaking nightmare!  From freezing temperatures to melting ones, snow up the wazoo, and now everything is covered in ice, WTF?  No matter what people may say or think, and this being the regular smucks to the American presidents, we broke our planet and it shows!

Anyhoo, we had an amazing time in beautiful Hawai'i, not a drop of rain, very little clouds, nice warm temperature, lovely people, so yeah, a great time.  To get there and back, I could do without.  It is such a long trek, but the return was easier that the going there.  That was one friggin' long day.

I did manage to remain sun burn free - yeah me! - granted we didn't do the toast (or bacon) much.  We visited a little, and on the Big Island we did one awesome tour.  We witnessed a gorgeous sunrise on top of Mauna Kea... what a sight!  I've never seen so many stars (except at the Planetarium), shooting stars and even saw the Hubble Telescope as it flew above us, unreal!

Observatories on top of Mauna Kea, with its shadow...
We were lucky enough to be up there, at about 14,000' high, feeling a little dizzy like we've had one too many Mai Tai, with no wind whatsoever and some snow.  It was cold though.  Had my coat from home, plus the parka they gave us and it wasn't too much!  We were also very lucky with our guide, he loved astronomy and the volcanoes, and it showed.  He was passionate and made it much more interesting for sure.  Being there was something else, where the earth met the sky, above the clouds, such a beautiful place...

We did manage to catch up with some friends while there, so that is always a BIG plus.  Even made her visit this statue, at Punchbowl, which she had never visited before.  Figures, she's local!
Made famous with the opening of the original Hawaii 5-0

And then we came home... argh.

Yesterday I woke up with my left eye sore, as if a lash was folded wrong or something...  Tried some hot compresses, some eye drops and ended up calling my eye doctor for an emergency visit.  I was lucky enough that he could see me.  Good thing Hubby was working from home and drove, since I couldn't keep my eye open.  It hurt to blink and felt like cramps behind my eye. Within a few minutes of sitting in his chair with his microscope he said I had a scratched cornea.  - yeah me! - He prescribed some antibiotic ointment, to mostly prevent infection and promote quick healing and sent me home, with a follow up tomorrow.  I will say this, that little ointment of his works well.  As soon as I put it in I felt relief!

In other news, I think it might be a sign that you've been with your loved one for a loooong time when neither of you are sure of the date you started dating... we both know it was in January 1994, so that will do...
Yep, I've been with my grumpy old man for the past 24 years... who would have thought... Half of my life, I've spent with him.  It almost feels unreal.  Where did all that time go?

One thing for sure, even if it might be because I'm used to having him around, with all his noises, and man, trust me, he generates a LOT of them from sneezing, coughing, farting, burping, swearing, chewing and even breathing this past week (he's been sick, poor thing!), he's one noise making man, but I love him.  Like I've said in my vows when we did the deed on the beach, I love him not only for who he is but for how I am when I'm with him. He makes me feel loved, he's my best friend, and even if there are (and trust me, there are!) days when I don't like him so much, I do love him.

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Awww.....I love a great love story.