Monday, October 15, 2007

This is what I saw today.

I don't get to see this everyday downtown Montreal...

This afternoon, while driving downtown, to pick up a friend, I saw 6 guys on unicycles crossing the street! I did managed to catch a pictures of these 3 while we drove by!

Once we picked our friend up, who's actually the daughter of a friend from Australia in town for an exchange program at McGill university, we made our way up North. It is the time of the year when leaves turned in Québec, lots of yellow and beautiful reds, so we decided to bring her to Tremblant. One of our "tall" mountain (385 m of elevation). After 1 hour and a half drive, which was very colourful all the way, we took the gondola and made our way to the top. This is what we saw on our way up... (that is Hubby's ear & half's!)

Puuurdy colours, no?

AND, to our surprise, when we reached the top, there was snow on the trees and ground!!! Oh my golly, I don't think I'm quite ready for that, and yet I have to say that I was excited!


Marius said...

Oooo, pretty leaves AND topography. You make this Florida flatlander very jealous.

lizgwiz said...

Yeah, I don't generally see unicyclers on my way to work, either.

A while back I did see a guy on a giant bicycle while waiting in line for a concert. I mean a GIANT bicycle. He had to launch himself up onto it. Weird.

Brave Astronaut said...

When I was an undergraduate at the University at Albany in New York State, my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to go to Canada. We hopped in the car at like 9:00pm and hit the road. Up the Northway and crossed the border. We wound up watching the sunrise come up from the top of Mount Royal.

This after we watched some street walkers getting rousted by the police in one of the seedier sections of the city (wrong turn off the highway).

We stayed in a little motel for the next night and did Montreal on like $4/day before heading back home. It was a fun weekend.

Ananke said...

Oh, pretty, pretty leaves!!! The trees in my area are just barely starting to change but we've been in such a drought all year, the colors are very dull and muted. :-(

Kim said...

very pretty, indeed...the leaves around here are changing beautifully too.

...and snow...already...say it ain't so!!!

Biddie said...

Lovey clours, but I HATE winter. FAll reminds me that winter is just around the corner....
I wonder what was up with the unicycle guys? I can barely walk, never mind using one of those things! lol

Paisley said...

We don't get leaf changes. I miss it. I love the way it smells.

Unicyclers? That is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

still having scars from a two wheeled bycicle..I think I will pass on the unicycle...yikes snow say it aint so......

Stinkypaw said...

marius: Thank you, I do believe we have nice scenery around here.

lizgwiz: That was a very unusual sight! And that giant bicycle is weird!

brave astronaut: Happy to read that Montreal was good to you and your girlfriend. Those "road trips" are often the best!

ananke: And the picture doesn't do the colour justice! It was really nice!

kim: Oh yes my dear! On top of Mont Tremblant there was a little snow! They had made a snowman at the bottom and thought it wasn't a real one, but when we got up there, we realised that it was a "real" snowman! Better get ready! ;-)

biddie: I'm turning into a "hot chick" as well... winter doesn't do it for me much anymore, but I must say that first snow always excites me!

paisley: Fall has a nice smell. I remember loving to play in the leaves... nothing like being burried under a pile of leaves!

nascar: I have scars as well from my 2 wheels, and just the thought of 1 wheel... not for me either!