Monday, November 26, 2007


Ever had this feeling when you’re with someone where they say something and it takes you right back to your teen years and almost feeling the same way you did back then? That happened yesterday.

Last month I did reconnect with a girl friend from high school, and have seen her once since. She had invited me to dinner a few weeks ago. I went. At first it was a little awkward, because even if we do know each other we had not socialised in years. And I do believe that people do change, a little, at least I hope so… We didn’t talk about personal stuff that much, since she was excited to show me what she does. She’s been creating jewellery for a few years, like what you see on “etsy”, with semi-precious stones. She does make gorgeous pieces, so to encourage her I bought a few pieces (3 pairs of earrings and 3 bracelets), those would be cute little Christmas gifts. She remembered that my birthday was coming up and told me to pick a pair of earrings, so I did. The ones I chose she had only made one so she said she’d delivered them for my birthday. Overall it was a pleasant evening, and not too personal.

Saturday morning she called me to wish me a happy birthday and we agreed that we would see each other on Sunday so that she could drop by and deliver my earrings. We had agreed for late afternoon. She showed up at 8:30pm. Hubby had only seen her once before. Her being late was how I remembered her. She was very excited and giddy, which I assumed was because she wasn’t comfortable. She even said she felt shy. We did a quick visit of our place and sat in the living room. Her explanation for showing up at that time was because she didn’t want to come at dinnertime… except that we never have dinner before 8pm, but she didn’t know that. She had brought some of her jewellery and displayed them all, which I thought was a bit strange, since I had seen most of her stuff two weeks prior. She showed Hubby, who wasn’t interested AT ALL. I felt for the man. She wasn’t his friend and we both enjoy our Sunday evening, quiet, just the two of us, well not this Sunday. Long story short, at one point I called her on the fact that she wasn’t listening ( it is one of my pet peeves to not be looked at when I’m talking to someone. I find it rude. ) she was sorting through some papers while we were talking. She looked up and said, “I’m listening!” I answered, “Sorry I haven’t reached that level of communication yet, I still like to be looked at when talking with someone”. She got really defensive and even accused me of judging her intentions. And at that exact moment I felt like I often did with her in high school. It was so strange and yet a part of me went “wow, some things never change”. If I were Oprah I would have said that was a “Aha! Moment” and remembered why we had lost touch…

We carried on nonetheless. I gave her food (since she had not ate) and even gave her a pair of winter boots and shoes. I’ll be hosting a little get together with girlfriends in a few weeks so that she can sell some of her jewellery. She’s going through a rough patch and I do want to help her. But I won’t be dragged back into those teen games of ours. I wasn’t a happy teen. Like most, I had issues. I’ve been working hard on bettering myself.

Since her departure last night, I’ve been thinking about how good I have it. I am happy with our lives and wouldn’t trade it with anyone. I have a loving husband, health and we are both well within ourselves. That peace and serenity we have achieved is priceless. We love being together and even if I do know this, last night made me see it even more.


Ananke said...

I had plenty of friends like that in high school. Ugh, I don't blame you for not wanting to get dragged into that again.

Marius said...

Urf! How awkward that must have been. You're a good person, Mrs. Paw.

pawpads said...

Funnily enough I had a text from my brother last week who is friends with someone that I went to school with ~ to inform me that there is a school reunion for my year coming up soon.

I have no desire to go.

I don't blame you for not wanting to "go there" again.

Purple Pigeon said...

Ah yes, school friends. There is ALWAYS a reason that you lose touch....

By the way, the word verification today has gone M mad! its mmzma! hehehe

c'est moi said...

oy! I submitted a comment and cyberspace ate it. I think I said something to the effect I still have four close friends from my youth. We never really played head games with one another. For the most part, the marriages that have occured enriched our friendships. You are very kind to look out for someone who makes you uncomfortable.

Stinkypaw said...

ananke: not always easy though.

marius: Thank you gentle sir, I try, I really try.

pawpads: Those years are better left behind... And I wouldn't go to my reunion either.

pigeon: Yep there is and now I know why!

c'est moi: That's good that even your "better halves" contributed to better those friendships. That's always nice.