Thursday, November 22, 2007

It’s beginning to look a lot…

We had our first snow yesterday but it quickly turned into rain. Now everything is white, but it’s more like a freezing rain type of thing, but nonetheless, it is white, thus beginning to look at lot like Christmas! In less than 32 days! Sorry to all the “Grinches” out there, but this crazy Canuck loves Christmas!

Last year, was the first year I didn’t put up our Christmas tree. It didn’t feel like Christmas. I had put out some decorations, but no tree, because I had had surgery and with everything going on I didn’t really feel like it.

This year, again, there is lots going on in the family, but I will be putting up our tree. I just love the way it looks, with its lights, ornaments and everything else. I really do enjoy this time of year.

Last night, on our way home from errands, we drove on Ste-Catherine street and I felt like a kid! I was so excited to see all the trees decorated, the lights. McGill College Avenue, is gorgeous with all its trees of lights. Gorgeous, don’t you think? (and that was taken a few years back!)

I love Christmas and all that is related to Christmas. As I am getting older, not so much the family gathering, since I love to be home with Hubby and our cat, in our pjs, under my love throw and watching a good movie. But we can’t really stay that way; we have family duties and must see the relatives. It’s part of the deal.

On Hubby’s side of the family (on his mother’s to be more precise), we do a gift exchange. I’m almost all done with my shopping, since I shop all year-round. I’m one of “those” people who if I see something that I think you’d enjoy I’ll buy it then. I hate feeling rushed and I’m really not a big fan of crowds. I don’t get all flustered about Christmas shopping because I don’t really shop during that time, unless I really have to. For the past few years, Hubby’s aunt was taking care of assigning the people for the gift exchange. I hadn’t heard anything about it for this year, so I decided to take care of it.

Because of everything going on at the moment, I feel somewhat guilty to be looking forward to Christmas. It might be their last, for some. It won’t be an easy time yet again this year. Last year, we knew it was my MIL’s last. Emotions were running high. Before she died she asked that each of us picked something of hers that we’d like and we will be getting it this Christmas, as a gift from her. It will make for yet another emotional family gathering.

I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, but I do feel a little awkward being happy and giddy when there’s so much crap going on around me. And yet, I should be cherishing life and all that it has to offer, ‘cause who knows what it has in store, right?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. There is so much to give thanks for, isn’t it?

Image: McGill College Ave.


Kim said...

I know people often feel guilty for feeling happy when others around them are grieving...but I don't think those who are gone would want us to be miserable, they'd want us to be happy.

Feelings are a part of who we are...go ahead, be happy...Christmas is a wonderful time of year.

...I love looking at the Christmas lights too :)

Marius said...

One of the nicest things about happiness is that it is highly contagious. Mayhap your joy can infect those around you who need it most.

I am beginning to realize that I know very little about the customs of your country. Do you know if your Christmas traditions are different from ours?

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

hey hey hey..I think you have more snow coming we just got dumped on....:) and enjoy Christmas

Random Thoughts to Amuse said...

Your feelings are yours. Never feel guilty for what you "feel"

Have a merry holiday season..

Stinkypaw said...

kim: Yeah but they're not gone yet, they're "on their way", if you want... There's nothing like white snow and Christmas lights!

marius: Maybe, let's hope so.

I think we are the same when it comes to Christmas.

nascar: Thanks for sharing the joy and spreading the news! ;-)

random thoughts: Welcome to my blog! You read just like what my husband told me. Thank you and hope to see you again!

Brave Astronaut said...

Christmas was my mother's favorite holiday and it is mine as well. Unfortunately, with her gone, I have had trouble finding the Christmas spirit.

My son being born on Christmas Day helps a lot, though. And my new neighborhood has a holiday lights contest. I'm getting in on that!

simplypink said...

Enjoy the pretty sights around you! I didn't do much early shopping this really helps when I do.

Stinkypaw said...

astronaut: It is also my mom's favorite, so that could explain why... Lights contest, that must be nice (and bright!). Let's never lose our Christmas Spirit!

pink: Thanks I'll try! ;-)

Ananke said...

I enjoy most things about Christmas but I have to admit that I hate holiday shopping. I wish I could be more like you and just shop throughout the year. So much smarter. :-D

Purple Pigeon said...

I wish we could have a bit of snow over here, it would add to the spirit!

You have got that 'Beginning to look a lot like Christmas' song in my head now, especially as its on an Argos advert on TV too....

PS The word verification today looks as if it is angry that Ken Hom is suitable for children -

Stinkypaw said...

ananke: The only thing with my way is that you have to remember where you hide them... as I'm getting older at times I wonder. ;-)

pigeon: That is the one good thing about snow, it changes the mood that's for sure!

I had to google 'Ken Hom' didn't know who he was... :-)