Thursday, December 20, 2007

One for me!

I’m taking a bit of time for “me”. The last few days between the snow, the driving conditions from Hell (if it was to freeze over), and the Christmas frenzy I feel like I haven’t had tome for me at all. At moments like these I can’t help and wonder how parents do it… being pulled in all directions, all the time… I’m happy I realised that it wasn’t for me to be a parent… I know the joys out balance the rest, but still… Call me selfish, I don’t care! I need quiet time, alone, with my keyboard!

Since the storm, it kept on snowing a bit everyday, making driving a real nightmare. Yesterday on the radio, the traffic guy said that in twenty years of doing traffic reports he never had bad days like the last two days. To get anywhere was impossible. Of course, that is when you must get somewhere… like having my appointment with the neurologist yesterday morning. That went well. He’ll be sending me for more tests in the New Year, so no worries, I’m being “taken care of”.

This year, instead of adopting a family in need, due to space limitation in our new condo, I’ve decided to help the homeless around here. So, with the generous contributions of our friends, I’ve been shopping for those guys. I emptied a rack at Zellers of gift-set they had of gloves and hat. I did the same for wool socks. Last night was a Costco run where I got lots (I mean like hundreds) of disposable razors, shaving gel, undershirts, undies, and some more socks. Our room in the basement is packed, even if we don’t have the space for it all. At least, it’s nothing compared to previous years. I will post pictures and more details about it all, after we’ve delivered the goods. It was fun to shop for those men, thinking that we were helping them in some little way. It does feel good.

Aaaahhhh, the joy of giving… Read my post about it, from last year.


princess slea said...

that is SO amazing that you choose to do that for people.
you brought a little tear to my eye.

happy christmas!

Kim said...

good for you...if more people helped others in need I think the world would be a better place.

have a great Christmas!

lizgwiz said...

You are a good person!

And check out my blog--I gave you an "award." ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great example for all of us. I am inspired by your selflessness.

Stinkypaw said...

princess: Thanks, I really have fun doing it. Merry Christmas as well!

kim: I so agree, if we all did a little something, things would be so much better for all.

lizgwiz: Thanks! Ooh I'm excited!

monkey: Thank you, I just like doing stuff like that for others...

Paisley said...

That's so wonderful for you to do that. We always try to pick an organization and give to them. Last year we bought tons of supplies for a no-kill shelter. We're behind this year on picking, though.

My sister hands out supplies to homeless teens all year long - socks, toothpaste, stuff like that.

You rock.

Enjoy your "me time". I love me time, too.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Drink some hot cocoa for me. It's not "Christmassey" enough around here and in a weird way, I envy all of your snow.

PreppyGirl said...

Not only does she provide goods to the homeless, she provides hot chocolate to friends! Thanks for the package. The kids LOVED it (galoot & I loved it too!)

Joyeux Noel!!!!!

Stinkypaw said...

paisley: Thank you. Keep on doing good as well, isn't it fun?

pg: Hey, glad you finally got it! Happy to read you all loved it, just a little something for the tummy and like Paisley wrote, it's "Chrismassey" with the snow and all.

Ananke said...

That's so fantastic that you're doing that. You are just awesome!

SkippyMom said...

It is a wonderful are to be commended..I can't wait to see pics! **Hugs**

I just read my comment from last year [re:your charity post]...and boy, I think I had forgotten how dire it was...Thank you for continuing to do what you do.

Stinkypaw said...

ananke: Thank you!

skippymom: Thanks and isn't it amazing what a difference a year makes? Happy to read that you're doing better!