Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh joy!

I chose to work from home today. Why, you may ask? Because it friggin’ snowed again! I know, I know… we are in Québec and it does snow here. I don’t remember the last year we had such a snowy winter… it’s been years. I love snow, I do. But I hate driving in it or on it, for that matter. I’ve spent all my life in Canada, in Eastern Canada, so snow is normal. As a kid I couldn’t wait to get out and play in it. I would come in only to change my mitts, or because I had been told to. It snowed I would be out. I’ve dug many tunnels in snow banks, made snow angels while just looking at the snow falling and go sliding. That was my mom’s favourite thing, the one thing she could spend hours doing with me. The laughs we’ve had together sliding down a steep hill, the snow we ate and the sheer joy of experiencing fright was worth every single descend. We got hurt from time to time, but we didn’t care, we had too much fun! For those memories or because of them I could never truly hate winter. I dislike the cold, but that’s another thing altogether.

One of the things I still enjoy to this day is snowman building. I wish I had an imagination like Calvin’s… Somehow, when I think I could have had a child, I can’t help to think that Calvin could have been ours… I just love that kid.

Something I so could build!

Did I say I love him?
Oh, and happy Valentine's Day! xox


Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh...the older I get the less I like to see the snow. Love the cartoons. lol @ the snow sharks!

lizgwiz said...

See, I was always afraid to have kids for fear I WOULD have Calvin. The little monster. Hee.

Christina_the_wench said...

I just bought me some Calvin and Hobbes books on ebay. He rocks!

Marius said...

Last month my daughter read all of my C&H books(I have all but one) in about two weeks. I shudder to think of the ideas she got.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Ms. Paw!!


princess slea said...

the best cartoon EVER.
as a matter of fact, i think i'll do a post on cartoons today. thanks for the inspiration.

Ananke said...

I remember praying for snow as a kid so that I could get out of going to school for a day or two. Plus we had a hill behind our house where we'd sled all afternoon. We only came in when our mother made us because our clothes had to dry off. Then it was back out again. Now those were good days. :-)

LMAO at those cartoons!! If I'd ever had kids, I'd surely have ended up with Calvin. ;-)

Charlie said...

Thanks, SP, for reminding me of how much fun snow was when I was a kid. I grew up in upstate NY, so you know we got a lot too.

I wasn't as devious as Calvin, but I was a master snow fort builder. I should have built moats for the sharks.

And Happy Valentine's Day.

Kate I said...

Kathy...your name was picked for the teapot print on my blog, Thru my lens the One World One Heart event!

Please let me know your can email it to me through the link on my blog.

Congratulations and I will be mailing that out to you as soon as I get home from Mexico at the beginning of March!

Thanks for playing!

Stinkypaw said...

drowsey: I also feel that way a little, but I still enjoy being outside when it's snowing... brings out the kid in me. ;-)

lizgwiz: Felt the same - scary little guy and wise!

christina: He sure does!

marius: We have them all as well, and I often re-read them! You better watch her, it might inspire her!
Hope you had a good V-Day!

princess: My pleasure!

ananke: Aww. the good old days... I miss 'em at times... ;-)

charlie: I hope you still master the art and now build sand castles - those are fun to!

kate i: Thanks I will check it out! Welcome to my blog!