Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold & Shinny

Not much to report on this front. Last week was a very cold one, in the range of -20°C. (which means –4° F.) and with the wind factor (which was the killer!) the average was -30° C. (i.e. –22°F). Yep, it was cold, not to say friggin’ cold! But that’s all part of the joy of leaving here. When it’s that cold we don’t do much, but stay inside. At least, despite the cold temperature, it was sunny. It didn’t make that much difference, but it wasn’t gloomy, and for my moral that is always better.

One thing which is greater than nice weather is me getting something shinny. Shinny, as in jewellery, that’s right.

When we were in Hawai’I, on the Big Island, we had gone to Hilo Hattie’s for some Hawaiiana souvenirs. As we entered the store, I was presented my a little envelope, which contained a 60% off coupon on a pearl, from the little Maui Divers Jewellery “Pick A Pearl” kiosk. Every other trip I was never really tempted by their big oysters, but this time I figured why not. I picked an oyster and was pleasantly surprised with a nice size black pearl. We did look at the settings they had to offer (where they make their money, obviously), but nothing was grabbing me, so we decided to wait. I knew our friend/jeweller, who made our wedding bands, would be able to do something with it. I paid for the pearl, a big $6. USD with tax and forgot about it.

I was once told tattoos were addictive, and as time goes by I must say, I think they are. One doesn't seem to be enough... Before we left for HI, I knew I wanted this tribal turtle. I wanted my honu. After having swam with some, my desire to get the tattoo was even bigger, but the one thing I had not thought about was the fact that if I were to get it done there, I wouldn't be able to be swimming, etc., and the thought of having it done just before we left wasn't too appealing either, so I didn't get it. I didn't give up the idea, I still want it, but maybe I'll have it done here instead. In the meantime, I had to go see our jeweller/friend during the Holidays because part of my wedding band broke; I brought my pearl, figuring I would ask him if he had any idea for it. He’s passionate about anything tropical, I’m in love with the Islands, so it was even better when he got all excited about the perspective to do something for me.

Last year he went to Mauai, swam with dolphins, heard whales and saw turtles, and actually had made a pendant of this nice turtle, petroglyph style, just like I wanted... Saturday, we went by his shop to pick up his creation. I now have my own personal honu with my pearl! Isn’t it beautiful?

I love it!

I guess it's true what they say about jewelry:


Image: Tribal Honu


Marius said...

That is a sweet pendant! :-)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! And you should totally get the tattoo. That would be gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

What a pearl! Lovely!

Charlie said...

Very nice pendant, a one-of-a-kind.

I'd nix the tattoo though (sorry PPP), unless of course you've been a drunken sailor or in the Merchant Marine.

Annake said...

I want that pendant. ;-) It's beautiful!!!!

lizgwiz said...

That is gorgeous!

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: Thank you, sire!

PPPaws: Thanks! I'm still thinking about the tattoo...

Monkey: I love it!

Charlie: It is one-of-a-kind for sure! I first read "...unless of course you've been WITH a drunken sailor..." - Hee! ;-)

Annake: Thank you, let me wear it first! ;-)

lizgwiz: Thanks, I'm loving it!

Traceytreasure said...

Oh Stinkypaw, it is so lovely!! I love the idea of the tattoo too!

I want another tattoo!! I want a lot of them!

Warm hugs!!

Stinkypaw said...

traceyt: Thanks, and I know what you mean about the tattoo

Anonymous said...

I love that pendant, beautiful.

I have three tattoos and I love them. They are addictive. The last time I was in a tattoo shop with a friend, he was getting the tattoo. I actually asked the guy to just run the needle over my skin, you don't have to add any ink.

Considering, I am terrified of needles, this was weird. But I was jonesing for one.

Janes Insane said...

That's very cool! I swam by a sea turtle on Maui & I gotta be honest, it scared the holy shit out of me! I think they're beautiful animals, I just don't want to be that close.

I absolutely love Hawaii, too. In '77 my best friend & I bought one way tickets & stayed on Oahu for 6 weeks. Oh how I'd love to do that again!

-22F isn't friggin cold?? I'm sitting here with numb toes & it's 51 outside & I call that f*#king cold! So you go ahead & yell all you want about the cold, I'm listening.

Janes Insane said...

Oh shoot, I forgot, I really like Hilo Hattie's too.

Stinkypaw said...

greenduckiesgirl: Thank you, and that was a strange request especially if you're affraid of needles!

Janes: Thanks! I just love sea turtles, and now my new pendant!
And it is still freakin' cold, and I HATE IT!!!!