Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yep, everywhere!

Went out to do a grocery run, and while at the store figured we would grab something for dinner as well. That store offers freshly made pizzas, so we ordered a large one and went on to do our shopping. We came back twenty minutes later to pick up our beautifully smelling pie and made our way to the cashes.

At the cash, Hubby went first, and put our big pizza box on the rolling carpet thingy. The price tag for it was in the side, and also served to hold the lid closed. Because she couldn’t see it, the cashier lifted the box, on its side, and was looking for the bar code. At that point I told her: “Better watch it, you’re going to spill it!” She looked at me with this blank look. My cat has more expression in his little face than this girl did. Seriously. When I talk to my cat, I get some kind of reaction, that girl; squat! She had no clue what the heck I was talking about. The wrapper was cracking up. As we left he said: “Enjoy your pizza!”

...everywhere, I tell you!
Image: Blank look


Traceytreasure said...

I've bought cakes that were turned upside down for scanning. I wanted to smack the cashier! You don't turn a cake upside down to scan it, you grab the hand held thingy and scan it that way...Duh!

I hope your pizza wasn't ruined.

Maybe we're just too smart! We should look into a dumbing down program or find out what everyone else is doing....LOL!!


Marius said...

One of my favorite songs of the 90s, and I may be repeating myself here(if so pray forgive), is Flagpole Sitter by Harvey Danger. It has a line that goes, "Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding." I hope your pizza was more or less intact. Dammit! Now I want pizza for breakfast, and we don't have any. :-(

lizgwiz said... Sorry, I've been eating healthily for a few days. There has been no pizza, scanned by a stupid girl or not! ;)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

ha.ha.ha... "the lights were on and no one was home?" that kind of thing???

Biddie said...

I seem always find these cahiers, too. (keep in mind that I used to be one, so I really can complain! lol)
At Wal-Mart the other day, the cashier refused to double my very heavy bags. They didn't even make it out the door before they ripped. Then, she packed a very small delicate clay pot in the same bag as all of my canned goods.
I have had cakes turned upside down, and pizzas all smashed to one side. My favourite is when they put the bread UNDER the cans and stuff.
Seems like the song may be right...Too many stupid breeding :)

Charlie said...

To answer your question from yesterday, SP, my BD is not in January. June, perhaps . . .

In a different vein, Martha took her fifteen-year-old niece shopping at the mall (big mistake).
They went into one of the girly girl stores like Abercrombie and, because Martha is past her teens, was invisible to the "helpful" clerks. When Martha paid for the purchase (she wasn't invisible then), she said thank you to the twit when she was handed her debit card and receipt. Said twit responded, "Yeah, whatever."

The point of this story is that some clerks are not only dumb, they are rudely dumb.

flurrious said...

I started to cringe as soon as I read, "The price tag for it was in the side ..." because of course this can only end one way. I hope your pizza didn't end up too lopsided, but if it did, I hope you snagged a couple of pieces off the good side.

Stinkypaw said...

Traceyt: Pizza was good, thanks! Next life I want to come back as a dumbass!

Marius: Very true that line! Hubby did have pizza for breakfast this morning!

lizgwiz: Pizza is healthy! It contains all the food group, as Homer says!

PPPaws: The lights were dim and nobody was home, that's right!

Biddie: I was one as well! They seem to be getting worst everytime I shop... This year at XMas I got a card which had Santa telling the elves that kittens and puppies were supposed to go on top of his bag! Everywhere! ;-)

Charlie: Wrong Charles, sorry. And that clerk deserves a good wack across the head to have some sense knocked into her!

flurrious: Pizza was good, and just needed a little adjustment! ;-)