Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What a day!

Today was a beautiful day in Montréal; it was sunny and warm (or at least warmer than the last few weeks) - as long as it was sunny it was good for me. I need sun for my mental well being, seriously! I had a date with a girlfriend from high school. We had not seen each other in over 12+ years. Nothing really happened, we just slipped apart and lived our lives. We’ve found each other thru Kaceboof earlier this year. We’ve only had a few email exchanges. As much as some people are all excited about seeing old school buddies others aren’t. I tend to be in the second batch, at least with some. I’ve had (organized) two little get together for old school mates, and enjoyed both, even if a part of me was wary each time about seeing some people. As we all know high school is rough, it can be bliss or pure hell. For me it leaned towards the hellish side a little more than I would have liked to. My last year of high school was horrible, not the scholar aspect, but the social one.

I’ve met R the day I went in with my mother to meet the school director. She was there with her mom as well. We exchanged a few glances and that was that. The first day I started there, she and I remembered our first encounter (months prior), became friends and it lasted the whole time we spent at that school. Even after school we kept in touch, and would manage to see each other at least once a year. We were buddies.

When she contacted me a few weeks back saying she’d love to get together for a café, I said sure why not. It had been ages. When she called me yesterday to set our meeting point I was happy to hear her voice. Today watching her walking up to me at a really busy metro station, I realised I had missed my friend. I was truly happy to see her. We hugged, looked at each other; she hadn’t changed a bit and neither did I (so she said). We found a little bistro, with a nice terrace and sat for a drink. We sat and talked until 6pm, and neither one of us was running out of topics, we talked about everything. When came time to say our goodbyes, we both agreed that it was as if we’d only seen each other last week, and not so many years back. It was truly a pleasant afternoon. We caught up with each other’s lives, and decided to stay in touch.

Despite time and life getting in the way our friendship remained, and that is all that truly matters. I found a friend again today, how cool is that!

I barely had time to get home; change and head back out again to go see Mr. Roberto Benigni – you know the crazy Italian man from “Life is Beautiful”. He’s in town for 2 nights. FB Hubby and myself ate a quick dinner in Chinatown than walked to the theatre. As we’re waiting to get in, I tell FB Hubby that I feel like we’re a minority. Everyone around us is speaking Italian. We find our seats, and Mr. Benigni shows up. He greets the crowd (full room), says a few words about the show being in Italian, English, French and Québécois. Say a few things in French, makes a few jokes about our “poutine” and then it’s all-Italian!

We sat there, like two tourists, not understanding a word. After twenty minutes, we got up and went to the box-office. I didn’t know the show was going to be in Italian. It seemed funny because everyone was laughing, well… except FB Hubby and myself. I could pick up certain parts, but not enough to get the jokes, and he was talking way too fast. Those tickets weren’t cheap either. When we showed up at the ticket booth, the lady didn’t know what to tell us...

Tomorrow I’m going to call the management company of the “Juste pour rire” Festival and see if they can do something for me. If I would have known it was all-Italian I wouldn’t have booked. Let just say walking home after this, I wasn’t on the same high at all. Let’s hope I land on someone who’s in a good mood and feels sorry for me tomorrow! Wish me luck!


Annake said...

Bummer about the show! I hope you're able to get a refund for the tickets.

Charlie said...

I think I would spend more time with old friends and forget Italian men.

Anonymous said...

Is he an Italian stand-up comic?

kara said...

that would upset me too. i'd have made rude italian gestures at the box office people on my way out.

Periwinkle Studio said...

I guess all the hype about Italian men is .....hype! JK

So glad you got reunited with an old friend. There is nothing like it! :)

Have a great day!

flurrious said...

How disappointing about the show! I hope you were able to get a refund on the tickets.

Stinkypaw said...

Annake: Welcome back! Missed you!

Charlie: I so agree!

Monkey: He's an actor (please tell me you did see "A Beautiful Life"?) and does some stand up.

kara: I think I might of, as well...

Periwinkle: Seeing my old buddy was the best!!

flurrious: I was, yay!