Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What’s new pussycat?

Woah, Woah… Now that you’re stuck with this tune for the rest of the day, let me tell you about what’s going on in this litter box. For those of you who do have a cat (or more)you do know that at times, things get flung out of the box. It just happens. I guess in a strange way it does explain the expression “sh*t hits the fan”, ha! Sorry, I digress (for a change).
There are moments in ones life when one has to make a choice no matter how you look at it; a choice has to be made. We’ve reached that point over the weekend with FIL. I think it’s sad that after all those years we wouldn’t see him because of MIL strict restraints on him and issues, that his behaviour is now pushing his only son away. A part of me feels like ripping into him like a cat on its scratch pole. I really do. His attitude is unacceptable and what upsets me further is the fact that he doesn’t (probably) realise that in doing so he’s alienating his only son. Sad, but true. There goes another chapter of the family saga. That’s one strange book, let me tell you!

Tomorrow will be an interesting day I’m sure. You see, I’m suppose to meet a friend from high school, which I haven’t seen in over 15 years, for coffee in the afternoon. We used to be best buds, and then life got in the way and we’ve lost touch. We found each other recently on Kaceboof and decided to get together. There was no way for me to ever find her since she changed her name for something completely different. I’m sure it will be an interesting encounter. Then at night FB* Hubby & this kitty are going to see Mr. Roberto Benigni (“It’s a Beautiful Life” crazy man) live, in Montréal. I can’t wait, I’m so curious to see what else besides walking on the backs of seats at the Oscars this crazy man can do. I have no idea how or what his show is about. I saw he was coming to town for the “Just for Laughs Festival” and ordered some tickets. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I’m sure it will be interesting one way or another.

Then Friday will be another busy day. Why you ask? Let me tell you! You see, if you don’t know this about me, I’m one who doesn’t procrastinate too much. I tend to do things to get them out of the way, more time for naps that way. So, last year when Cirque du Soleil announced to its members (moi!) that they would create a new show for their 25th Anniversary I got all excited, anticipated a good show, after all it is in honour of their 25th year of creation and pre-ordered some tickets. Good tickets. We have a couple of friends with whom we’ve been seeing a few Cirque’s shows in the past, so I got them tickets as well. It’s all fine and dandy so far. Right? Wrong!

You see the tickets I ordered so long ago are for a show on Friday. This Friday. June 5th. Which is also the night we’re doing Relay for Life. Yep! On the same friggin’ night! There are 365 days to choose from and I had to pick the one night where two events occur. We’ve paid good money for these darn tickets (which happen to sell like hot buns) and I want to see “OVO” (what they called this last creation, check it out), so here’s the plan: In the afternoon, set up base camp for the team on site of Relay for Life, get everything ready for everyone on the team, buff up the last minute details, do the first lap with the team, then hop on the metro and make our way to Montréal’s Old Port to the yellow and blue big tent of Cirque du Soleil, meet up our friends, watch the show! As soon as it will be done, quick goodbyes to our friends, and make our way back to the Relay’s site. We will walk our little paws off for the rest of the night, with our team. Just typing this I’m running out of breath. Geez, I feel like I should be flinging something out of the box!

Through all this, the only thing I’m hoping for is nice, clement (read no rain!) weather! Wish me luck!

*FB Hubby: Hubby is changing into a Fashion Boy, so I'm calling him FB Hubby, hee!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Good luck, best wishes. Hope you have fun with your friend, and you figure out how to be two places at once. If anyone can do this, it's you!!
Sorry about your FIL. I don't know what else to say....

Big hugs and don't forget to breathe!!
w.v.is follys

Marius said...

Zoinks! Perhaps you should try juggling or scrimshaw while you're at it just to make the day that much more superhuman. ;-)

Charlie said...

If I ever hear you say that your life is boring I'll snort at my computer screen.

Perhaps you should hint to FB that you need an upscale planner book—Outlook is so tacky, and I can never find anything I put in it.

Thanks, too, for the personal birthday message yesterday--you're such a thoughtful lady.

Stinkypaw said...

Momster:I had a great time with my friend, as if those 12+ years never occured!

Marius: I've always thought juggling looked interesting! ;-)

Charlie: You're very welcome sir, hope it was a good one! Boring isn't something I say often. And FB (which isn't too thrilled about this new nickname) hates anything Windows, so can't really complain to him about that.

furcifer said...

"What’s new pussycat?"

We played this song 3 times in a Montreal restuarant jukebox that annoyed the manager so much they shut of the music.