Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not on vacation...just yet...

Hello? Anybody out there? Heelllloooooo??? Maybe everyone is out and about enjoying summer? I sure hope so! In case some of you are still around, and are wondering what’s happening in Stinkyland, I will tell you. Things have been busy on this side of the screen for some reason… It might be due to the fact that two of my clients asked me to take on more tasks? Or maybe because I’ve been a lazy cat and delayed doing some chores? Whatever the reason, I’ve been busy that much I know.

Funny fact (or so I think!): When I was a kid (for real, not just in my head) and we'd go away on vacation I always thought it was weird that some hotels would have a sign with "No Vacancy" - since I didn't speak English back then, I thought it meant that people on vacation weren't welcome or something. In French, someone on vacation is "un vacancier" so... I still smirk every time I see one of those signs, ah!
Sorry about that, my brain went there, oh well...

I’ve helped my mother with the purchases and installations of all her new curtains, blinds, etc. That was two long days spent away from any form of technology other than my cell. We did have a wedding last weekend, a nice affaire, really cozy and moving. During said wedding reception, it hit me that I’m seriously getting older. Actually, I got a beating! I didn’t realised it once but twice… yep, yep, yep, no matter how much I try and act hip, I’m no longer a spring chicken… I’m an old bat…*sniff*

You see while the cocktails were being served out on the terrace, we were next to a speaker, which was blaring in our ears, even if it was “crooners” style music, it was still friggin’ loud. Then when we were asked to move inside for dinner, we were in a corner right next to a speaker, again, and on top of an A/C vent! We’ve asked the dj to lower the music a bit, and later on we even asked him to simply turn the speaker away from us. Old, I tell you! But, it was a beautiful wedding!

Besides that, I’ve been working my little tail off - trying to catch up on some delinquent work left behind by an incompetent nincompoop. Isn’t it the pits to try to figure out someone else’s mess? I hate that, especially when there’s no way to know what or how they were thinking when they produced that mess they used to call “their work”, argh!

Tomorrow night, FB Hubby & moi are going to assist to a Comedy Gala hosted by non other than Mr. John Cleese and Saturday it’s the dance show! Told you I was busy, I wasn’t kiddin’ you know!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Wow! I'm tired after reading your post. You are one busy bee...

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

The laughter should be good. I am defintely jealous!

flurrious said...

I love John Cleese. Or I used to anyway, I haven't seen him in years.

I don't think too many people are around these days. Everyone seems to be taking a blogging break.

Charlie said...

Stinkyland (I love it) sure is a bizzy place.

The "No Vacancy" sign makes perfect sense.

You're not getting older, you're becoming more mature and wise.

DJ's are idiots.

Ditto for clients.

John Cleese was hilarious in "A Fish Called Wanda". I think he's a naturally funny man.

Now, did I miss anything?

Stinkypaw said...

GEM: Imagine how I feel! ;-)

morethan: The laughter was amazing! Loved it!

flurrious: Summer pulls people away from their computer it seems... oh well, we're still here.

Charlie: You covered it all, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love the no vacancy story, that's cute! Makes sense when you think about it!

I'm still around but slow to post and comment.