Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I’m having fun these days

Besides for me getting excited with the Santa Paws’ Gift Exchange, because we are now sixteen bloggers participating, life has been somewhat busy in Stinkville.

I’m so happy we’ve made this decision over 14 years ago… we’ve debated about it, but looking back, I think we were wise. At times like this, I say, “I’m so happy he has no claws!”

Yes we wash our cat. Why? Our vet told us so, to help him with fur balls. We’ve noticed a difference, so we think it’s worth it. He smells so good after (like coconut) and his fur is extra soft and fluffy.

I’ve spent an afternoon with an old friend from high school, at a café catching up after we picked up our beautiful creations made the previous week at a ceramic café. She’s an artist, unlike me, but still we had a blast and I must say I’m happy with the end results.

I've received a long box today, that smelled somewhat vinegary... I opened it with excitement and a bit of worry, I was hoping everything was intact... and it was!

Can't wait to taste these babies! Thank you, Kara!! You're one sweet pickle!! ;-)

Can you believe last week I’ve past the 40K visitors on this blog? Thank you, each and every one of you, for your visits and comments, each one are very appreciated. This is my 793rd post! Unreal, I know.

Thanks to YOU and YOURS comments, feedback, ideas and friendship this blogging gig has been a blast! Wouldn't be the same without you, that's for sure. Thank you, again!


Robert the Skeptic said...

We used to try and bring our kitty, Angelina, in the shower. True there was less fur around but you would think from her yowling that we were combing her with a hammer! She made it sound like we were horribly abusing her to give her a shower. OMG

So 793rd post, amazing. Congratulations. I am afraid I will run out of ideas before I reach 80. Keep up the good work.

Marius said...

Starbuck would probably deal with being bathed, but Artemis would end up covered in blood...mine. And congrats on a well deserved blog success. :-)

Meg said...

You are very brave to wash your cat. lol I've been thinking about buying a brush to help my bigger cat get rid of some excess fur, but his teeth scare me.

Barb said...

I once read that bathing your cat helps cut down on allergies, which it does. But it was an all day affair where I'd put on my bathing suit, bring one at a time (I had 2 then) into the tub with me, and since that was already traumatizing for them, I didn't blow-dry them, so guess what? They'd lick themselves dry and get hairballs! lol Maybe if I had started them young. Ah, well.

kara said...

first - i'd like to point out that my father said OMG.

second - that's an alarming number of posts. keep on truckin'.

thirdly - THEY CAME! AND THEY'RE NOT BROKEN! YAY! you'll have to let me know what you think.

Stinkypaw said...

R t S: Thank you, it went by relatively fast.

Marius: Thank you, it wasn't as bad as we expected.

Meg: We brush him too, and he actually bites more while being brushed than bathed, weird huh?

Barb: Tobi is 14 and we started that two months ago, so it's never too late. And I blow-dry a little as well.

kara: 1. hi! hi!
2. It's been fun!
3. I sure will! They look delicious!

Brian O'Mara-Croft said...

Those pickles MUST be extremely good...it says so on the label!