Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yes it's easier, but...

For those of you who were asking if it wasn't easier to buy ketchup in a bottle, the answer is yes. Yes, it is!

Ketchup batch of 2010
It's much easier all the way, trust me.  But I'd have to say it doesn't taste the same either... Some people prefer homemade stuff, since in this I know what ingredients were really put in that pot.  Look at the pot!  Don't you wish you could smell it too?

That was just one of the many steps of a long process. To be honest I'm not sure it is worth all the effort (read trouble), but it occupied an afternoon and we have ten jars of homemade fruit ketchup.

Watching that pot while it boiled and making sure it wasn't burning at the bottom was somewhat nightmarish, but it didn't boiled over nor burned, I made darn (read slowly and carefully) sure of that! Hubby mentioned something about it being an "experiment in surface tension". Ah!

I enjoy making preserves, but what I really LOVE is when people are eating what I've made!


Marius said...

Mmmmm, looks great. I believe you have my mailing address. ;-)

flurrious said...

The main thing is that the pot contains no wasted space.

pinkpiddypaws said...

Oh my GAWD!! You are trying to kill me aren't you?!? I miss cooked tomato products so much. :( Ever since my big weight loss, I haven't been able to touch the stuff. It looks soooo good!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic, and I so wish I could make stuff like that. I am sure I have the technical skills, just lacking patience. :-)