Thursday, January 06, 2011

Apocalypse now? Or later?

I remember back in 1999, how everyone was talking about the Y2K Bug.  It was such a big thing... For being in the computing industry by association (read marriage) I understood the implications it represented.  I never really thought of 2000 as the end of the world, even if I did get married (ha!).  I remember my husband storing batteries, candles, canned goods and such, "just in case".  He did have a shock that New Year's Eve, when I proposed, but other than that it was just another calendar year ending and starting.

If you're one to believe in signs then you might be a little nervous, I know I would be.  Since I first heard the news about the hundreds of dead birds I've been wondering what could have caused that.  It is a strange occurrence, no matter what the authorities may say, I don't think it's normal for birds to fall out of the sky like that.  Or maybe they do?   Today I've heard that thousands of crabs washed ashore on UK.  WTH?

It is strange there's no doubt about that.  Is it a sign of an upcoming apocalypse? I'm not so sure.  Maybe these are signs that we have seriously messed up Mother Nature, and thus this is what's happening.  This could be her way of showing us that were are seriously fouling things up and there are repercussion to our careless actions.  Maybe these occurrences are what we need in order to react and actually do something instead of simply talking about doing something and theorizing about what should be done.  We all know what needs to be done, all our actions count, and yet we all think "How can I make a difference, I'm alone, so why bother?"  I've heard many people say that.  I do believe in the power of one, yes, one person can make a difference.  I don't want to wait for others to do something, I do my part.  Maybe my thinking is wrong, maybe it is a lost cause, time will tell, or actually time is starting to tell?  Hubby has told me, as he takes out our recycling bin, he thinks it's all a scam that despite the recycling pick up there's nothing really happening with it all.  Maybe he's right, but still, I want us to do our share.  Maybe it is only to ease my conscience, to feel like we're doing something.

I know not everyone believes in global warming - I'm not even sure I do - but nobody can't deny there are serious changes in nature, going from temperature changes, to dead animals popping up around the world.  I remember when we had winter, with lots of snow and all the joys of that season.  In recent years our winters have warmed up, a lot.  It snows in places where it rarely does and it doesn't in places where cold should be.  It is sad to see the world we knew change this way, don't you think?

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Robert the Skeptic said...

The effect of Anthroprogenic Climate Change is that both the warm and cold both manifest in extremes.

Global Climate change is not a "belief" system any more than you believe bacteria and virus' cause disease. They are facts.

Bird and other animal die-offs are not necessary part of the climate change issue; animals have mass die-offs for assorted "natural" reasons. Though they do look for human-caused reasons, like poisonings and such.

The trick with all these observations is to sort out the difference between correlation and causation - people get that mixed up quite often.