Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maybe a Credit Card Would Be Better! - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I rarely pay cash. I always use my credit card(s). We accumulate points and have managed to go to Greece, to Hawaii (twice) and Vegas on points, so it's all good. We also have used our points for car rentals. Yes there are fees attached to those cards, but I think, in the end, what we've used them for was worth the $200/year.

Yesterday, while meeting a client, he mentioned that he had fired one of his waitress. She was stealing from him and even if he'd caught her before and had been warned, she did it again. This past weekend, he realised his cash was short $400. When he asked her about it, she pulled out $200 from her bra. When he insisted on the issue that she was still short, she excused herself, walked away and came back with another $200, all crumpled up and humid. He then fired her.

Imagine my surprise, and smile, when I saw this today on Bacefook!

Maybe a Credit Card Would Be Better! - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I guess she's not the only one who uses that area as a wallet!


Robert the Skeptic said...

Now I know why my mother always told me to wash my hands after handling money.

We do that too with the credit card, earned several free tickets to exotic locations.

Marius said...

Is it wrong of my male pig-brain that my first thought was 'if she was hot, no big deal'? ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

Robert: Funny, I thought the same thing when my client was telling me the story!

Marius: Yes it is! But then again it might be my female brain answering! ;-)