Friday, February 17, 2012

P'tite montée de lait!

I haven't blogged in a while mainly because I didn't have anything to write about and because work has been keeping busy as well as scrapbooking.  It feels like the computer isn't as attractive as it once was. Oh well.

I've decided to post today, because I need to vent about something that is driving me mad.  We all know (too well) the power of words, and how words can empower or destroy us.  I've learned that at a very young age, and still have some scars to prove it.  That being said, we all hear about the bullies and how everyone should fight against them, etc.  I believe, bullies like prostitutes have always been around and will remain here no matter what we say or do.  I know, harsh, right? 

This morning while getting ready, I heard a TV commercial about hoarders. We do watch the show.  I'm fascinated about how people can let themselves go this way.  I understand the mental health issue aspect of it all.  I understand the "collecting" aspect as well.  What I don't get is how someone would choose to live in filth like they so often show. It is a choice people made along the way.  They choose to let themselves accumulate mounts of bags full of shit, and trash all around them.  I'm not even talking about hygiene.  I've seen homeless people, with their cart, looking more "organized" than some of these hoarders.

The commercial I saw this morning showed a woman in a house so filthy, there was dead rats (and live ones) all over the place.  The comment that got me was: "How can we let someone live this way?" Hello!  That someone chose this.  This is where choosing the right word comes in. 

If someone is sitting is shit and doesn't look bothered by it more than that, who are we to make them want to get out of it all?  Is it for our benefit (good conscience) or really for the poor smock sitting in shit?  Is it because the smell or look is bothering us or because we truly care?  Are we caring because we want to feel better or because we truly do care?  I have my doubts, either way because after all, if we're honest, it is all about us, isn't it?


Calvin said...

I think you are right. It's a matter of choice. Just like someone who chooses to decorate their lawns with plastic pink flamingoes. But with hoarders, it can become a health issue for the rest of us and probably because of that, we take an interest rather than concern for that individual being the main reason.

Still, I hope you treat these hoarders with some compassion cause I myself am a pack rat who might graduate to being a hoarder in my old (or older) age. :)

Attila the Mom said...

Since my son has raging OCD, and I have a touch of it myself, I can understand the compulsive aspects of hoarding. But the living with feces and dead animals really freak me out.