Sunday, January 20, 2013

Carry on, nothing to see here!

So? What's new with you? On this side of the screen, things have been moving along quite fast actually. I'm done with the "Happy New Year" crap... January is almost over, it's time to move on, people.  Anyway, most people say it and don't really mean it, just like the "how are you?".  Have you ever noticed how many people actually listen (or even wait) for your answer?  If you haven't yet, do.  You'll be amazed by how many people just say that out of habit.  I tend to not ask.  I know I'm weird.  I do ask people I care about and actually do want to know how they're doing; others, I don't bother.  I simply say "good morning" or "hello" and carry on.  When asked, my answer is almost always "Good, thanks".  It stops there. I don't pretend to care and want to know, I don't.

Last week, thanks to Bacefook, I saw that my first client since we started our company in 2000, had passed away.  She was only 43.  Over the years, she had become a friend; she was more than an acquaintance but not a close friend.  She was someone I was happy to see whenever it happened and someone I did care about.  She was a nice person.  I knew she was battling ovarian cancer, and last time we wrote to each other, last summer, she seemed to be doing well and had a positive attitude about it all.  During the Holidays I had seen some pictures she posted of herself with her kids in NY.  She looked like sick, no doubt about that, but to think that only a month later she'd be gone, is scary.  She had her viewing on Wednesday.  We went after work.  When I saw her in her coffin, I couldn't believe how ravage her poor little body was.  She was no longer the person I knew.  It was a sad thing to see.  Despite everything, from what people were saying, she had prepared her loved ones and went peacefully.  It was nice to see everyone and to be reminded that we really should live life fully.

We're on borrowed time, we're not eternal and we should remember that.  Daily.

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Anonymous said...

You're right about asking how others are, sometimes you're sorry you asked,
they tell you about their ailments down to their bunions.
Sorry to read about your friend. Ovarian cancer is a dreadful illness.
Life is short, we should always hold that thought.