Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 35: Venting and did I say Venting?

Yep, already on day 238th in week 35 of 2016 - zoom, zoom, zoom!  In four months, you've read right, only four little months Christmas will be upon us!  In exactly eighteen Fridays it will be here... A few days ago it got cooler here and wore closed shoes and I so feel like I'm not ready to go back to socks and long pants, and boots... argh... I know I still can go bare in my shoes, but I'm not a big fan of that, so if I were shoes I need socks - yeah I'm weird, as if you didn't know that already - I am so ready to (go) live somewhere warmer than here... but then again, not, because I was to enjoy that friggin' house of ours! 

I've been keeping busy, as usual, and trying hard to stay away from trouble. So let's just say that I've been keeping to myself a lot.  Last week I was alone all week since Hubby went to Washington for work.  I stayed home and actually love how quiet this place is.  I did my things, didn't feel odd or scared being alone, it was all good.

The reason why I've decided to post today is because I felt this need to vent (again! - hey! this is my blog! -)  I've been putting a lot of time and effort on administrating a Bacefook group, I like it.  I don't mind the time spent on there.  I enjoy it.  Well... most of the time that is.

The group that I created is based on Postcrossing, it is a closed group and only people who are Canadian Postcrossing members can join (yeah, I know, big discrimination here, sue me!).  I thought that because of that ''restriction'' members would have least have an idea of the Postcrossing thing work, i.e. you send a postcard, when it's received the recipient send you a little message saying they got it and (most of the time) say thank you.  When you do receive a card, you have to register said card and send a little message to the sender and (I assume) thank the person.  It's simple and the site is well made so not much thinking is really needed.   On Bacefook, there are many games going, all postcards based.  I'm actually only managing one and that is enough. Most of the members are adults (in age that is!).  I always find myself blown away when I see people who are totally clueless when it comes to something as basic as thanking someone for sending them a card.  Respect is out the window, really.  It is sad to see.  And even more to live it.  Common courtesy should be on some extinct list somewhere along with common sense and respect.  Geez I read so old and grumpy, don't I?  Oh well!  At least, despite being grumpy I still can say thank you and be respectful of others. Imagine that!


DL said...

At least you are setting a good example for these people. It's too bad when some people don't understand common courtesy.

wombatmonster said...

So true, applies everywhere. Txs for posting & pls don't forget to thank for the comments. ;)