Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another one bites the dust...

What a year we are about to close, and I would lie if I'd write that I'm sad to see it end.  It wasn't the worst year, but it sure wasn't the best either.  Weird how it feels like many things happened and at the same time, it seems like a relatively quiet year, busy but with no big drama, which is for sure a nice thing!  I like the drama-free part!

If I look back at 2016, I can say that January was not drama free, but we did manage to get away from it all by putting our condo up for sale, and actually finding a buyer! It went up for sale fast and we were lucky enough to also sell fast.

The initial move and storage of our stuff went relatively well, and having to move to a furnished place for a few months wasn't really fun, but during our time in the rental place we did manage to escape for a week in Toulouse and a week in Vegas, so it wasn't all that bad.

During our time in Vegas we went to see Rod Stewart at Ceasar's Palace and what a treat that was.  The old man still got it!
We moved in our new place in April, as promised by the builder, and that was quite a freaking nightmare.  Besides most of our furniture being damaged (either in storage or during transits), we ended up with a shit load of boxes and not enough room, again.  Let's just say that eight months later we still have some boxes that have not been unpacked.  I don't care (at least try not to!), there is so much stuff for so much room, right? Right!

Since we've been in the new place, things are good.  Busy but good.  We're now away from the toxicity that was our old place, and are enjoying our new bled.

During the summer months, we actually managed to catch up with some people from out of town passing by, like a friend from Switzerland we hadn't seen in over ten years if not more.  We also met up with the kid who had stayed with us for a few nights while passing through Bodø, Norway last year.  We've managed to also get together with some local friends which we hadn't seen in a while, show them the new place.  It has not been easy keeping up with friends for some reasons.  Between life, the daily buzz and whatever else thrown in the mix we both feel that it is getting harder to keep in touch. We do manage to see people, still have a social life, somewhat...

I naturally kept up with my postcard addiction, that has not gotten any better, I'm afraid.  If I look at my stats (generated by the site), I've sent 524 cards (that have been received as well), but my stats say that I actually sent 555 cards.  That is to 45 different countries.  I've received 514 cards from 45 countries as well.  The country I've sent and rec'd the most from is Germany followed by Russia.  If I look at my stats for the cards I've sent through games, trades, and just because, I've sent close to a thousand cards!!

This could explain why this year, for Christmas I've filled out not one but almost two doors full of cards!  I know it represent a lot of money, but the joy I get out of it, and the people I get to meet, some I actually do meet in real life not just through cards, like the friends we've met in Toulouse because of this, it is well worth it.

Many think of it as a crazy hobby, a waste of time and/or money.  That is fine.  Some people smoke, others drink, or shop, I write and send postcards.  At Christmas time, I love to write and send cards too, always have and probably always will too.  What can I say I'm a paper kind of gal!

Fall brought a tooth ache and a serious wallet ache.  What started out with a little discomfort after my annual check up at the dentist, turned into a root canal, an infection, a trouble adjusting to the new bridge, crowns, etc.  I had reached a point where I was thinking of having that tooth pulled out, despite the thousands of dollars already spent.  The pain had to stop.  It did eventually, but man oh man, those were rough weeks.

November also marked another big milestone, in my life, anyway.  We escaped for a week in the sun to celebrate me turning fifty...  I don't feel it, most days, but the days I do, damn, I know what hit me, the BIG 5-0!  We had a good time, ate well, relaxed much, and enjoyed our time away.  The reality remained the same though, time only goes one way, and it is going fast in that one direction...

Just thinking back of all those known people who past away in 2016, it seems unreal...  Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), George Michael, Alan Thicke (Mr. Seavers from Growing Pains), Castro, Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady), Leonard Cohen, Gene Wilder (the original Willy Wonka), Gary Marshall, Muhammed Ali, Prince, Doris Roberts (the mother on Everybody Loves Raymond),  René Angélil (Céline's husband), Alan Rickman (Professor Snape), David Bowie... and then there was an aunt of mine, the daughter of a cousin only 21, a friend from karate who was in his fifties, the wife of a cousin also on Christmas day... it makes you think and reevaluate time, that is one thing for sure.

Life is short, we should prepare and live accordingly.  Be in the moment, enjoy the day, we don't know what tomorrow has in store for us, live like it is your last full day with that special someone, tell people you love them and don't be shy to do what your heart desires.  Be yourself, but be your best self.  Wishing you all the best 2017 has to offer, with health, peace and time to enjoy life!

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