Thursday, January 19, 2017

Start 2017 with a bang... or was that a cough?!

Almost three weeks of completed in this new calendar year that is 2017, and let me tell you those three weeks were not easy...
It started well. Got together with Hubby's cousin and his family on New Year's Eve.  They crashed at our place while the kids and I were playing different games, the adults watched television. When came the ball dropping time we all watched (in horror at Maria Carey's sound issues), cheered, has a bit of champagne and went on to watch some movies.  The next morning we had breakfast together and they went on their merry way.  It was a quiet day for the rest of it, and by quiet I really mean quiet.  We're not used to have three kids running and screaming around our place. It was quite a change in noise levels.

On the second I was feeling yucky; headache, nausea, feeling like I was coming down with something.  I was suppose to have a movie date with one of the kids, just her and I, but had to cancel since I wasn't feeling right.  Then it hit me.  Shakes, shivers, aches all over, and this cough.  I basically spent two full days in bed. Sleeping.  I didn't eat, didn't do nothing but occasionally get up for the washroom and back to bed.  I felt like shit.  Well, this lovely feeling of feeling like crap is still going on.  Last week, after ten days of being sick, I called our family doctor for an appointment.  Whatever I had wasn't just a simple cold, and wanted some meds, this had to stop.  Managed to fit me in, and prescribed some antibiotics.  Started them that same night, on the 12th.  As of the next morning, some serious side affects kicked in: nausea, diarrhea, and shaking inside.  I felt dizzy and so nauseous that the only comfortable position was lying down.  I caught up on my reading, that's for damn sure.  Today, the nausea wasn't so bad, but the diarrhea and shaking was another story.  My daily meds and the antibiotics don't mix well, it seems.  The pharmacist had warned me.  I'm happy to report that my cough is almost gone, except at night, at around 3:00 am I have a serious bout for some reason...

Besides that, life has kept going its fast pace.  No slowing down, that's for damn sure.  I just hope this will be over and done soon - only four more days of the antibiotics - and I can get back to the living.  In twenty days, I've only stepped outside three times, a great way to start the new year, right?


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