Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Paw is Alive!

Despite a very rough start to 2017, I'm happy to report I'm still alive!  After two full runs of antibiotics which made me dizzy and really nauseous and the other gave me diarrhea, and felt like shit for many, many days, and lots of sleep, I'm starting to feel human again.  Well, let's face it, as human as I can be or feel.  I was home for almost two months, doing nothing be read, sleep and eat a bit.  It wasn't a fun time, that's for damn sure!

We did very little socializing.  Managed to catch up with some people we met during our trip in Dominican Republic in November.  A very nice couple who actually live about five minutes from us, small world.  We met up with them for a drink (while I was finishing my second runs of drugs), it was nice to catch up and to see that we still clicked even dressed and sober, ah!

Managed to go see, with a girlfriend, ''Fifty Shades Darker''.  It's a love story with a bit of very soft porn.  I liked it, but then again I liked the books too (sue me!).  We also started watching ''The Fall'' with Jamie Dornan (oh man!  Just googled him for a cute pict. to put up and just saw he was born in 1982, O.M.F.G. I could be his fucking mother!!  Geez!  That's a kick in the teeth!!) - a series he did before the Fifty Shades movies, and he's fucking creepy in it, but I love it!  He's so twisted, and in a way not that far off from Christian Grey... If you haven't and want to hear what he really sounds like, with his cute Irish accent, I strongly suggest watching 'The Fall.'

Anyway.  Despite having quite a bit of snow at some point this winter, we haven`t done one single outing of snowshoeing, either because I was sick, felt sick or by the time we felt like we could go, the weather turned, got really warm and melted a lot and then froze over. So no snowshoeing!

About two weeks ago, we went to our jeweler to get a new battery for one of my watches and noticed that he made some silver bracelet like the Ani and Alex ones - which I have a few - and since he had done a little paw for me as a charm on a chain, I asked to have a bigger one done and to have it mounted on the bracelet.  Today we went to pick it up... and I love it!  I love my paw!

Ain't it purrrdy?!
Other than that, life is good.  Can't complain too much.  Hubby is busy, we still enjoy our new place, and liking the neighborhood more daily, so life is pleasant in Pleasantville, and I'm thankful for it all!

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