Monday, April 16, 2018

Thank you! Fuck You! Bye!

Whenever I think I've seen it all, as far as stupidity goes, or worst when I think that people can NOT be THAT stupid, one more person comes along to prove me wrong...  It never fails!

Let me do my best Sophia (for the Golden Girls) impression:  Let me tell you a story, picture it! Montréal, 2018.  An attractive condo owner, who was also involved in administrating her condo association, made sure to share a bunch of information with her co-owners because, deep down, she knew most of them didn't really care about the rules and regulations as long as it was taken care of.  By someone else, of course.  In order to prevent many questions, she even put together a one page document (did her best to keep it as simple as possible), explaining certain responsibilities these folks had to assume. 

Imagine her surprise when one of the co-owners sent questions her way about something clearly written about on the document she sent a little more than a week before. She did remain calm, and did manage to remind the person of their responsibilities and role within the association and was pretty clear at letting them know they should clearly RTFM.

I don't know if my message went through, but man oh man, did I talk to myself.  Unreal.  People who have spent almost half a million dollars on a house to be so clueless is beyond me.  It is not rocket science.  They are rules, there are roles to be played by different people and yet, that seems to be too much.

Then, to add to my stupid of the day, in a group I manage, I'm told one person wants out.  So I ask why. (OK, that was my bad!  I'm not exempt from being stupid either, obviously!).  You see, in this group we send and receive things (read postcards, mostly).  I created that group based on a bigger group, an official group, let's say.  In that official group, whenever you receive something you have to register it.  The way the site is set up, you can (strongly suggested) write a note to the sender thanking them or whatever.  For each item received you need to register it.  Some people don't, because people are assholes like that, but generally speaking more items sent do get acknowledged when received. 

So, in this little group I manage items are being sent and received as well. As for the the official group, some members are assholes too.  When that one person she wanted out because she felt it was overwhelming to have to acknowledge reception and was taking the fun out of the activity, I could not really bite my tongue.  I did tell her that it was no different than the official group... she gets that we have different views on this... Really?  There are different ways of looking at things... No shit!  Talk about being one of those ass wipes who loves to receive but never says thank you.  One of those people who takes but rarely gives.  One of those who complain but never get fucking involved.  One of those who as long as they are happy everything is fine. 

Yep, really, it's been that kind of day, covered in a nice thin layer of ice to top it all off!  Just a fucking perfect stupid day!

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