Monday, June 25, 2018

Hi, my name is Stinkypaw and I'm an addict...

Well hello there!  Long time no see, really.  I know, my bad, it's all on me!  I've been keeping busy and things like that.  You know, life?

My name is Stinkypaw and I'm a postcard addict!  There I said it.  The first step has been taken, in this long fight against my postaddiction, it seems.  If only I meant it!  You see I've developed this addition back in the seventies, when I was a wee thing, crying at my grand-parents' place in Amos while my folks went to visit a cousin in New-Brunswick and decided to tour while there.  They sent me a postcard to let me know where they were, had how nice it was, the fuckers.  I remember being so upset at them for ditching me at my grand parents, with no kids around!  They sent me a postcard!  I kept that card!  Yes, I still have it!  It was the beginning of my collection! From that moment on, I kept all postcards addressed to me.  A few of my uncles used to travel some and my aunts would send me a card from where they went, like Acapulco, Miami... then some friends starting to send me cards from their holidays abroad.  I went to a prep school, so it was fairly common to go away for Easter, but not for me, we didn't travel by plane.  My dad drove places.  We visited a lot of our province and made our way to the States too.  I loved to write, so sending a postcard was always fun.

As time went on, when I started to travel (by plane) I really took a liking to sending cards.  I loved to send just as much as I did receiving those little square of cardboard with a funny picture on them.  For the past seven years, I've become a Postcrossing member.  In those seven years 2,117 cards I've sent have been registered and I've received 2,109, as of today.  In reality though, I've sent out 2,590 cards, some to be registered as received yet.  Yeah, 473 cards have either been lost, received but not registered, or God knows what.

When I was in Norway, in May, I went a little  crazy.  You see I brought back two hundred ninety cards. Yeah, I know, crazy!  In my defense, they do have cards that are not only touristic and some were really nice cards, so I stocked up...  That being said, EVERYTHING is fucking expensive in Norway, so...  But still I did go overboard!

Tonight, because I had all the credit card slips from our trip and had indicated on them the price in CAN$ I did a little recap of how much I did spend in stamps and cards while in Norway...

I'll leave it at that, ok?  I think it might be a VERY good thing that I never actually sat down and calculated how much I'm sending really... It's crazy and I'm nowhere near tired of doing this yet. I think it is time for me to control myself - control such an ugly word, no matter under what circumstance or in regards to food, substances, goods, etc. - if only I had some willpower left in me.  I think that plant (of willpower) has been shut down for a few years now... sadly...  Oh, I could pretend and say that I will send less, but who are we kidding here?  We all know that when it comes to postcards I have no fucking interest in stopping anytime soon!  I'm sick, I'm an addict and I fucking assume it 'cause I love it! 

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